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September 9, 2013

A Little Change

You wait for something to change then everything changes at once.

J has got the GCSE grades he wanted and is off to sixth form college to do A-Levels. Miss Froo has lost more teeth and had another birthday celebrated with a cat and dog party. I had a cat-astrophe with the cake as it didn’t cook in the middle of the corner. I hired the tin from the fantastic Masons for only £1 a day. It was decorated by J under instructions from Miss Froo. Can you see why the letters on it are F, C and D?

IMG_2433 (768x1024)

After a great amount of palaver, this one went out and almost didn’t fit in the car to take away to store

IMG_2426 (1024x768)

and this one came in after fitting in the car remarkably easily despite being at least a foot longer than the brown one!

IMG_2446 (1024x768)

It is quite bizarre how one piece of furniture can transform the room and what we do in it. Mr G can lie on this sofa, I can lie on it too and many, many children can sit on it all at once. We can’t stack up laundry on the arms or the back in quite the same way so we’ve been processing washing better than before. We’ve had to move the lamps around so the light in the room is a little different. The new sofa brightens up that side of the room and it is also very comfy to sit on. It’s a bit stained on the seat cushions and this tablecloth I ‘found’ in the fabric recycle bin at the dump just covers it well.

Our view of the sky from the kitchen changed a lot a few years back but we still saw this the other night, did you?


October 29, 2010


We have spent all week slowly making mess in order to make less mess. We are almost at the point where the less mess and the more mess are in some balance rather than wondering why on earth we bothered to do anything at all.

Some of you may know that we live in a small house with only 2 bedrooms. One is huge and one is very small so in the beginning, the boys had the small room and Mr G and I had the big room. Time passed and new people arrived in the family before we could manage to move house. First we made room for one small girl in a bedside cot where she slept til she was almost 4 when her sister arrived and eventually grew too squirmy to sleep squished in our bed. This meant that a new small bed was needed for Miss Amoo so that we could shove the baby over into the bedside cot to get some space.

Fast forward to now and we have a double bed, a single bed, a small bed, a filing cabinet, a chest of drawers, a G-Plan style sideboard, a wardrobe and a clothes rail in our room. It is warm in there of a night but it is also a teensy bit claustrophobic and not an oasis of calm.

I had this idea that bunk beds for the girls might help so I measured and surfed and noted sizes and measured some more until I realised that a bunk or a high sleeper really wasn’t going to really work in the space. I should have done all this in my head but foolishly I mentioned it to Miss Amoo who nagged me daily about whether I had foudna ny bunk beds yet and when we were going to sort it all out.

What is it with girls and nagging about new things? The boys hate changing anything but the girls are all “Ooh ooh let’s do this” or “Why don’t we that” and “When are we going to the other”. Their nagging and relentless questioning about future plans makes me want to scream.

However, having got a bee in my own bonnet about solving this ‘problem’ of space I couldn’t let it go so I decided to get rid of the wardrobe so that we could push Miss Amoo’s bed into deep alcove it occupied and create a 4ft by 3ft empty space under the window.

Mr G is never very excited about my plans for re-arranging as he knows it makes I make a lot of mess in the short-to-medium term. See rearranging for past exploits.

This mammoth task was no different. On Monday we emptied the wardrobe of a few clothes that we rarely wear but need to keep for weddings and funerals, numerous folders of paperwork from my BA (unfinished), pens, bags of new baby and wedding greetings cards, a stash of year-review magazines dating back to before 2000, my belly cast, school photos, shoes and a lot of coat hangers. Outside the wardrobe was no better: I had no idea you could slide quite so many things down the side of a wardrobe and how many spiders would love to live in the gaps between those things.

Not all the stuff found new homes quickly despite the purchase of two large and sturdy Really Useful Boxes I spotted on sale in Staples.

The boxes were to be moved to the under stairs cupboard so we yanked all sort of stuff out of there to fit them in and found some bottles of champagne which we’ve had since we got married. That night the kitchen, living room, landing and bedroom were a mess. We slept in a cave of newly disturbed but ancient dust that night and sneezed a lot.

Tuesday dawned with Mr G saying “Why don’t we get rid of the filing cabinet too?” What? “OK” I say and hope he doesn’t really mean it because I knew how much stuff was in there.

We tried to get the wardrobe out and ended up having to dismantle it. I should have taken it to the dump that day but I didn’t so it stayed outside our front door for three days, not doubt causing much tutting from the neighbours.

We hoovered dust and cobwebs and more dust and more cobwebs until the alcove was clean enough to push Miss Amoo’s bed into. But what scandal was revealed by moving her bed! No wonder this child never has any clean socks or pants or t shirts… and I am such a crappy housewife who never hoovers under beds or wipes the skirting boards either. After more hoovering ensued and the services of a damp cloth, the dreamed of space appeared only to be filled with half the stuff that had been stored on her bed and our bed that day.

With the kids in bed, Mr G thought it might be safe to get all the stuff out of the filing cabinet. Three or four bulging hanging files later and he was wishing he had never mentioned it. TSB credit card statements from 1997, receipts for vinyl records, letters from pen pals, payslips form every company he has ever worked for and loads of property details for houses he liked back when he used to sell houses. In short, almost every piece of paper that had ever been sent since he first started work and had never looked at since but moved from his parents house, to this house, then from drawers needed for clothes into the filing cabinet when I moved in with him nearly ten years ago.

After drinking the best part of a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Rose from flutes we had forgotten we had, we lost the will to do any more sorting of paper and the recycling bin was getting pretty overloaded so the filing cabinet is going nowhere after all.

On Wednesday we went out and didn’t think about the mess for most of the day. Mr G got some more boxes and we stashed some in the shed that evening then hoovered the bedroom some more. At least we could get into bed without having to move something off it!

Today, things are almost normal: the bag for the charity shop has been taken away, the mountain of previously undiscovered and unwashed clothes is now on the sofa waiting for further processing and I have run out of dark chocolate. Boo.

January 26, 2010

Too much stuff?

Moving one thing affects so many others and this last bout of furniture manoeuvres spread the clearing out bug as far as the bedrooms yesterday.

Once again, the result is the not unusual acceptance of the undeniable fact that we have too much stuff for a house this small. Which stinks because we can’t afford to move.

The thing we struggle with most is clothing storage so today when I read about a fellow sewist who aims to sew a hundred garments this year it set me thinking.

I am naturally habitually drawn towards a minimalism of sorts where possessions are concerned and I cannot imagine owning a hundred new garments on top of what we already have in the house. It isn’t just about space though, it is more about need. I can’t see myself needing much new stuff at all in the year ahead.

Did you ever read about The Little Brown Dress project? I became aware of it just as I was mid-fourth-pregnancy and huge in the summer for the first time with nothing to cover my belly that wasn’t made of wool.

I started reading about simple wardrobes and made three maternity tops and two wrap skirts which I wore day, after hot day, after hot day.

Post-partum hit in the autumn and I sewed two long length wrap skirts, one in a rusty orange wool and one in school grey cotton. I wore either one of them or a pair of jeans with a rotation of 3 jumpers and two waistcoats with cheap t-shirts underneath for warmth. The wool was great for EC misses and the wrap style means that if the babe pukes on your skirt you just wrap it the other way and put off washing it properly for another day at least!

That was in 2006 and here I am today, four winters later, wearing the orange wool skirt with a brown funnel neck jumper which I have owned since 2002 and a turquoise scarf Mr G bought me when he was still employed and had money to spend. (He isn’t unemployed now; we have our own business so employ ourselves)

People who know me will probably have realised that they see me wearing the same clothes on a regular basis but I don’t think they hate me for it or think that I lack originality – at least I hope not.

January 25, 2010


…I have mostly been listening to Megson and I have rearranged furniture to accommodate a new piece of furniture.

This thing is taller than it looks at 4’7″! The tall cupboard has shelves inside which is good or the girls would be hiding in it! The hidden shelves have swallowed my 40 or so overlocker cones; all my paper patterns, pattern books and machine guides; a basket of cotton remnants; more quilting cottons in larger pieces; a couple of Works In Progress and some muslins.

All that stuff was on a shelf and on the floor beside the sofa so this has freed up space for the oil heater that has been without a good corner out of the way since the start of the winter and left the shelf of another bookcase empty to fill with either the Lego or the train set or the castle and furniture. The open shelves on the bookcase now hold books, puzzles, dressing up clothes and dollies, backpacks, building blocks and a basket full of marble run bits. The stereo is on the top shelf and the photos which have been struggling alongside books now have a place of their own right on the top. Miss Froo has hidden something in the small cupboard but it isn’t easy to open so whatever it is may be there for some time.

These new arrangements have caused great upheaval because my kind of tidying and rearranging makes a lot of mess. The living room is in a scandalous state in every respect other than the new bookcase!!! Ooops. Mr Green is very tolerant of mess and he knew what lay ahead when he pressed me to just click to buy the bookcase but our eldest, The Famosisimo, came home from work and said “What the heck has happened here?” He is slightly more disturbed by change than the rest of us….

Amid the madness I have also changed the plug on the hairdryer because the boys had trodden on it at some point and it was hard to plug in. Another thing that was bugging me was Miss Froo’s coat lying around because the hanging loop had come un-stitched on one side so I sat and sewed that up too. Small things but two les things to be irked about in the long run.

Tomorrow I will clear up the rest of the room but already I feel that the Feng Shui bagua for children creativity and joy is much better than it was.