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September 9, 2013

A Little Change

You wait for something to change then everything changes at once.

J has got the GCSE grades he wanted and is off to sixth form college to do A-Levels. Miss Froo has lost more teeth and had another birthday celebrated with a cat and dog party. I had a cat-astrophe with the cake as it didn’t cook in the middle of the corner. I hired the tin from the fantastic Masons for only £1 a day. It was decorated by J under instructions from Miss Froo. Can you see why the letters on it are F, C and D?

IMG_2433 (768x1024)

After a great amount of palaver, this one went out and almost didn’t fit in the car to take away to store

IMG_2426 (1024x768)

and this one came in after fitting in the car remarkably easily despite being at least a foot longer than the brown one!

IMG_2446 (1024x768)

It is quite bizarre how one piece of furniture can transform the room and what we do in it. Mr G can lie on this sofa, I can lie on it too and many, many children can sit on it all at once. We can’t stack up laundry on the arms or the back in quite the same way so we’ve been processing washing better than before. We’ve had to move the lamps around so the light in the room is a little different. The new sofa brightens up that side of the room and it is also very comfy to sit on. It’s a bit stained on the seat cushions and this tablecloth I ‘found’ in the fabric recycle bin at the dump just covers it well.

Our view of the sky from the kitchen changed a lot a few years back but we still saw this the other night, did you?