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March 29, 2010

Are lists the answer?

I have a mental list of things to do (as in a list in my mind) and a paper and pen list of things to do both of which are two weeks old and still not done.

Two of the mental list items are
1 To order new compression stockings as my black ones are losing their power and don’t look good with bare legs!

[I have a blood clotting disorder called Protein S Deficiency and I had a DVT in 2003 which has damaged the valves in the biggest fattest vein in my left leg. As a result, blood goes down there but doesn’t come back up very well and only wearing compression stockings helps keep pain at bay and stop stupid swelling of my foot. I wear a black stocking in winter and a beige one in summer]

And 2 To ring the evil orthodontist and get them to release EL Famosisimo’s x rays and moulds.

One requires the writing of a cheque and the other requires a tricky phone call then a face to face with an evil receptionist. Too Hard.

The other written list is stuff that needs doing for the hungry monster BlueDoor. Not everyday stuff but stuff that needs doing like improving our website and web advertising but that just doesn’t get done because the everyday stuff is so time consuming. Thank goodness it is possible to blog at 2am cos otherwise that too would get lost with all the other things I can’t get done after 5pm.

In lieu of actually getting the things on the list done, I have been doing some sewing. So far Miss Amoo has one new re-fashioned top and a pair of summer trousers. Pics to follow when I can find what she has done with them….

And now they move the clocks an hour forward which means that morning comes round sooner?!?

I need to lie down

March 21, 2010

What the heck happened to excitement?

Well it seems me crafty creative blog has got a bit less crafty.

Life has been less crafty of late and some crabbiness which cannot be assuaged by eating very dark chocolate very slowly and sipping Bombay Sapphire, has crept in.

My joy at finding that I can skate was tempered by Friday morning by the realisation that I felt this way about the skating because I can’t remember the last time I learned anything truly new which led to giddy excitement. Yikes. What has gone wrong?

My every day is more of the same and if I learn anything new it is in a functional way which makes something I already do, a little bit easier.

Maybe it is the stupidly long winter? Maybe I have got into bad rut of my own making?

Well, today is the Vernal Equinox so perhaps now is the time for a kick up the bum.

I will sew some spring clothes for Miss Amoo to replace the ones she is growing out of.
I will prepare my pots for planting out the seed potatoes I bought last week.
I will sew myself another pair of trousers for my spring ‘uniform
Perhaps I should try sailing a little boat up and down the Thames on a Sunday morning instead of just watching J do it?
I have another tut up my sleeve which I will get together soon too.
Oh and the equinox means that it is time to defrost the freezer.

March 18, 2010

I can skate!

I never thought I would type those words. I have no photo evidence but there were witnesses.

As a kid I lived in Southampton which had an ice rink and never went; when our family moved to Portsmouth people went to the ice rink in Southampton for birthday parties but not the ones I was invited to. Mexico doesn’t have many ice rinks especially on the Caribbean coast where I lived so I never skated there either.

Finally after over a decade of living in, or not far from Oxford I went skating for the first time in February for Miss Amoo’s birthday treat. It was an adventure for all three of us: me, her and J who came with us as it had been his birthday month too.

What an adventure! Miss Amoo and I couldn’t let go of the wall and when we did try to, we fell over. J was more bold than us but no more successful. We came home bruised and laughing but admitted that it might not have been the best way to spend an afternoon together. My fall left me spending the following fortnight doing all the rotational exercises I know to ease the tightness in my upper spine caused by falling on my backside.

Anyhow we set off today to try again with the home ed group that meets at the Oxford Rink on a Thursday. We have never been because it starts before midday which is traditionally impossible for us. A new going to bed routine involving all of us going to bed at 10pm has successfully shifted Miss Froo’s waking time to a more reasonable 9am from 11am.

Wow. What an amazing morning. I started off apprehensively but after a few tips: “Nose over toes” and “Bend at the knees if you feel a wobble coming on” had me skating round at way more than arm’s length from the wall and able to chat to a fellow skater at the same time! Miss Amoo skated happily between two bigger friends then skated by herself and even Miss Froo in her tiny size 7 skates managed to get going too.

By the time the clock struck noon and it was time to go I felt like I just wanted to keep skating. I haven’t felt like this about anything for years: I have tried something new and feel that I want to keep doing it to get better at it. I came home buzzing and can’t wait until next time.

March 12, 2010

Long Day

Yesterday was Thursday and a strange thing happened. All four children of the family and I were out, in public, in full view of other home educators at 10.45am. I was seen at 10.35am at the cashpoint at Tesco too and also by our neighbour as we got into the car at 10.20am.

This may not seem unusual to you but in our life this is a seriously early start. The reason for this madness was a talk by Dr Mike Leahy the guy who grew his own tapeworm. The boys went to the talk and learned quite a few things that they could have lived without knowing but are now intrigued about.

Now it is 00.48 by my ‘puter clock and tomorrow is another early start. The neighbours will faint when they see us getting into the car at 9am.

Another unusual thing about today was that our living room floor was clear of paper, pens, dollies, coats, socks, shoes, play food, real food and all the other tat that gets left on it. Odd but strangely good.