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May 13, 2012

Nothing New but still Me-Made-Maying

My head is full of patterns but I’m not sewing anything. Not even Me Made May has broken my inertia sadly. Never mind.

I’ve had a couple of days when the only me made bits have been undies or a vest. Wednesday was like that as I went to an uninspiring zumba class and didn’t get hot and sweaty so stayed in my ‘sports wear’ all day eek! I’m not keen on sporty looks in general but these trousers are so comfy.

Here are some looks from this week.

This is a half circle skirt which I sewed last year from some fabric my mum bought in Ikea. I made the waist larger than I needed so I didn’t sew the side seam up but overlapped it and added poppers from waist to hip. I’m wearing it with an ancient t shirt and an ebay cardi that didn’t look this colour on the listing… and it was warm that day so I got the crocs out

This was a chillier day so it’s the long grey wrap skirt of old with a long sleeved tee and a loose kind of waistcoat I cut from one of Mr G’s old jumpers. More poppers on this one! I have yet to sew a successful buttonhole.

On Thursday I took a risk and walked to town without a coat for the first time this year. I wore a blue t-shirt, the same grey skirt and same bright cardi again with a me-made drawstring bag. Do you like the girls’ stick collection?

Today is sunny but chilly indoors as we’ve got the doors open and kids running in and out

I started off with just the skirt, t-shirt and cardi then added the over knee socks and scarf after lunch. My hair is a mess so I’ve got a wide headband on to hide it. The skit is my old four gore denim with frayed hem, I knitted the scarf for Mr G two winters ago and the hair hider is upcycled from a cotton voile maternity top.

Ummm I think I might wear a different cardi next week! I’ve got a summer skirt that needs hemming which I might do later on and chant some spells to bring weather warm enough to wear it while I’m sewing.

April 3, 2012


Look what I got in the post today! All the way from afar…


Sigrid very kindly facilitated the purchase of much needed 206×13 needles for me and I received them today, undamaged and unbent by their journey. Thank you! Who’d have thought that is would be easier, cheaper and quicker to buy German needles from the US than to buy them from Manchester?

So now that actually sewing again is a possibility I have sewing plans bouncing around my head, the most pressing being adding horizontal pleats to Novita at chest level to disguise my bralessness under summer weight fabrics and light cardigan to layer with. The recent hot weather has jolted me out of woolly jumpers, leggings and long skirts and the girls see one hot day of spring as being the sign to wear shorts so we went out to the shed to get The Suitcase.

We don’t have room to keep out of season clothing in the house so twice a year we drag a huge suitcase on wheels out of the shed and swap our winter wear for summer wear or vice versa. This week I realised that I have only one plain summer skirt (the four gore denim one) and all the others are patterned meaning that I really do need to make some plain tops that aren’t t-shirts.

I have been Pinning sewing ideas over the past few months (again, thank you Sigrid for introducing me to that lovely place)

I am intrigued by this Cos top which looks like it has two pleats but is in fact one big slanted box pleat

And this top with a layered peplum

Then there are upcycles, wrap tops from triangles, a summer weight jacket or some cardigans and at least one dress. I get caught up in all these thoughts then the simplicity thing bites me. Do I really need lots of clothes? Do I need new clothes? Do I have space to put them if I sew them or acquire them? This last question is in some way foolish as if I turned all my fabric hoard into clothing the sum change in available space would be nil. The other questions are more about my rejection of the consumer society and a feeling that the world is swirling with stuff that we don’t really want or need. Where does it all go? Right now Ebay UK has 1,872,940 items listed under Women’s Clothing and that doesn’t include handbags accessories or shoes! Are we all crazy?

The difference with Sewists in my humble opinion is that we make things that we really want and we love them so we wear them and wear them. Then maybe we adjust the fit or repair them and wear them some more.

Does this mean that we end up with fewer, better clothes? Does this slow down the turnover of clothes in the wardrobe? Do we cling less tightly to things that don’t fit or look good on us?

Bump! Back to reality – probably the first thing I will do with the new needles is take up a third pair of El Famosisimo’s work trousers.

November 20, 2011

Moving Stuff

I’ve been emptying out cupboards and bags of fabric with the aim of moving all my fabric out of the house and into the caravan.

This has revealed that my stuff falls into several categories: yardage for me; yardage for the girls; smaller bits that can’t be used for whole garments but would be handy to keep for this, that or the other; clothing/sheets/other that have yet to be upcycled in their entirety; UFOs and muslins, USOs (sewn to sell but as yet unsold) and other stuff which is really just rags.

So far I have sorted out the yardage for me and the girls without any trouble, then a bag load of Mr G’s shirts which are now minus sleeves as I’m working on another rag rug. The other stuff is a bit more difficult to organise as some of the UFOs are quick fixes and could stay indoors. Another couple of metres of fabric need to stay near the machine because I want to sew them up soon… other bits seem to dissimilar to put into the same bag…. I’m a Virgo you know! I’m one of those people who is generally messy but has a spick and span filing cabinet and has been know to tidy bookshelves so that the colours of the spines go from light to dark through colours…. Try it: it looks great!

Something else that needs to stay in the house is a large amount of Ikea fabric under the sewing machine which is the start of a friend’s curtains which must be sewn soon as winter is coming round again. On top of that is half a Winter Sling Thing as I’m back in the swing of sewing them up for winter too.

The UFO pile contains the unsuccessful Sorbetto, a Novita needing one more bound armscye, some undies needing waist elastic, an Ottobre top for Miss Froo that needs some coloured FOE to finish the neck and cuffs, a bag that needs the strap sewing up and a pair of New Look 6190 trousers in brown linen that now fit me so might be worth putting a zip into!

While I’ve been doing all this sorting and moving of piles, Mr G has bought a new heater for the living room which is ‘More efficient and heats up faster” than our oil filled radiator. Unfortunately it is also a bit larger than the old heater so I think we are going to have to put dismantle this chair and put it in the shed for the winter in order to fit it in. He bought this heater from Amazon and accidentally also bought a pair boots I had in my wish list. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened but last time we didn’t really want My Daddy is a Pretzel! He brought the boots home sheepishly as I hadn’t intended to buy them right now but we’ve had to send them back as the box says size 4 but the boots inside are both size 5 and far too big for me 😦

And all this palaver makes MORE MESS! How is this possible?

May 30, 2011


Yesterday I took another load of stuff to the dump, put one large and two small bags of stuff in the boot to take to the charity shop on Tuesday. Winter coats that have still be hanging up are now in the Suitcase in the shed which holds all our out of season clothes. The bedroom floor is clear of stuff and I have given up and put some bits of fabric in another bag which needs to be recycled. I can’t really keep hanging on to every bit of cloth I find in the hope that one day I will transform it into something else because we just don’t have space. I may yet add some more to that bag this week.

I did get a lot of sewing done too: some new origami purses. I’m hoping to sell these through a local shop that sells recycled and upcycled stuff as well as offering crafty classes for kids and adults. Two are cut from old curtains, one is from a bit of fabric I found in a charity shop and the other is a pillowcase. I bet you can tell which is which!

This one is really cute

I cut and sewed the trousers all bar the waistband facing and the zip and they are a bit snug. Oops. The fabric I used last time had a bit of stretch in it but this woven doesn’t. Mr G got home with the girls just as I was sewing the curved waistband on and although I carried Miss Froo out of the car and into bed I wasn’t very interested in the tales of the weekend as I was a bit fixated on how I was going to add a bit of room to these trousers. Fortunately the pattern has 5/8″ seam allowances so I have added a bit to the hips and waist at the side and a bit through the crotch too and will finish them even if I end up having to lose a few pounds to get in them! The pieces go together beautifully and I love the shape so I might just go an get something a bit stretchy and make another pair.

Now my to do list is this:

A bag for the pump – still not done

Add polo shirt lower half to the blue skirt yoke with the pockets in a wrap that wraps at the back for Miss Amoo.

Take in the side seams and possibly add back darts to a shirt for El Famosisimo. I bought the shirt for Mr G in Tesco in a sale some years ago but when I got home I realised that the security tag was still in the shoulder yoke. I’d binned the receipt somehow so didn’t fancy taking it back to ask them to take it off. I found the shirt in my clearing out yesterday and had J google how to get the thing off. We couldn’t find a strong enough magnet so following the other popular advice to break the thing open, we got a big hammer out. That worked well and EF is now in line for a new shirt as Mr G doesn’t really suit dark coloured shirts anyway.

Finish my trousers

Sew a muslin for the 60s dress I want to sew up now that I have found an old duvet cover that I don’t want to refashion.

Post some patterns here to see if anyone wants them

List my old machine cabinet on ebay.

Ah, not much to do and I haven’t counted cooking or washing or all the rest of it!