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October 10, 2009

New Sewing

I’ve been thinking about Sewing With A Purpose, something that many SewingMamas will understand.

I spend much of my day doing things which can never be completed. Whether it is cleaning the house, cooking meals, washing clothes or working for our business; so many tasks are never truly completed or finished in a way that they will never need attending to again.

This leads me to sew as a necessity to keep myself from sinking into the despair of the never ending world of chores.

If I sew for myself or the children, not only do I have the pleasure of a completed project but also the joy of wearing something that really fits me or seeing the children wear something special.

Sewing sometimes brings praise too which is in short supply when most of the things you do are not even noticed.  When did anyone ever compliment you on your washing up? Or how cool your newly tidied understairs cupboard looks?

I already have a little Folksy shop called Parasombra which has a few of things in it at the moment but I am opening a new shop hence the SWAP.

A sneak peak will be available soon.