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May 10, 2011

I’m still standing

My mum came to stay this weekend and was surprised to find that J could identify Elton John singing on a tape in her car. The boys love 1970s Elton and play him on youtube along with Eric Clapton and other now ageing gigsters. I like a bit of Elton too and I am still standing at the ‘puter, feeling the benefit in my legs, back and neck now that I’m not twisting myself up oddly to sit on a chair in front of the desk.

She (my mum) thought we could spend the weekend in the garden or doing some serious decluttering or something as May is the month of the Sensuous Home in The Book we are both reading. The downpours put the garden thoughts to bed and then we had a cup of tea and couldn’t be bothered with the house either!

I’d been checking local listings the night before as mum had rung to say there must be something we could do on Saturday night. THis being a small town and not the big smoke meant it was comedy or choral for Saturday night but the daytimes looked much more her kind of thing. On Saturday we visited a couple of Oxfordshire Art Weeks homes and saw beautiful knitting, painting, sculpture, ceramics, needle-felting, stained glass and more. It is quite an odd thing to drive to a little village, look out for the yellow and blue banner and then walk into someone’s garden and hope they won’t mind you knocking on their door to look at their work.

We had tea and cake and chatted to all sorts of people and even J saw some things he liked. Being out with him made me think that perhaps we are many creative women who create for ourselves and other women.There was much that he admired but not much that he felt he would like to own. Mum saw something she liked which reminded her of a painting of my Nan’s so I’m going to see if I can get it for her birthday.

That night we ate with the boys without any bickering, drank wine and then walked into town to sat in a pub garden in the rain under a parasol and our umbrella, which was strangely nice.

On Sunday we went to Dorchester on Thames to the last day of their Festival
where we saw more beautiful things and ate the most fantastic cake then trekked along Dyke Hills and back round the village via the allotments and the tiniest Co-op in the county.

It is amazing to stand on ground which was inhabited so long ago and see a view of hills and ridges which I assume is much as it would have been then but for the Power Station in the distance.

Needless to say, the two days were full of talking and listening and much as we usually enjoy the company and insightfulness of Misses Amoo and Froo it is so nice to talk to each other without interruptions.

The reason for our amazingly peaceful weekend was that the girls had gone to the seaside with Mr G to visit his folks. After a long history of them sweeping stuff under a rug that is now almost too lumpy to climb over, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t spend time with the in laws any more and I have saved myself a lot of physical anxiety since. They all have a whale of a time and come back grateful to find food in the fridge and their comfortable beds at home.

I kept the work phone so Mr G could spend the weekend with a head free from the BlueDoor Monster. He is usually at the beck and call of the Blackberry and he really does need a rest from it sometimes.

Not many people called me but normal mad service resumed on Monday with the the Monster being fed once again by the general public who give it stuff that makes it roar. Mr G’s angels were with him this morning though and have brought new business to our door so the Monster will soon be supping on some tastier morsels.

I have been doing a bit of sewing but a fairy keeps stealing the batteries I am charging to put in the camera and haven’t taken any photos lately. There are too many fairy gadgets in the house that require four or more AA batteries……..

February 25, 2011

Quite busy

Sorry about yesterday’s miserable nimby-ism. I needed to make a note of it somewhere but today I’ve given myself a poke in the eye and have some better things to share.

We bought Miss Amoo some Hama beads for her birthday and there has been Hama-ing on a daily basis here since last week on their own and with friends so it seems that new beads are required. Who knew that 3000 beads might not be enough? Another crafty gift from a friend which has had a lot of table time this week was a paint your own Money Monster so we have been in between paint and tiny weeny beads which is a bit messy.

So we have been out in search of more beads and after visiting our two favourite shops and a toy shop we came home with some good finds.

More beads

Stripy cotton jersey fabric from the remnant rail for a nightie for Miss Froo whose current hand me down is giving her a heat rash at night (what is it with my kids and nightwear at the moment?) and a useful little ruler cutter with its own little mat from the charity shop for only 75p!

The friendly man was behind the till at the charity shop again today and wished Miss Amoo happy birthday plus a week (he has a good memory) but the ladies in the fabric shop were a bit fraught after having to tidy up after a day’s worth of kids faffing with everything they could lay their (reportedly) grubby hands on. In WHSmith we overheard a couple of mummies complaining that they couldn’t wait til Monday to get the little terrors back to school and how stressful the week had been. Then we heard the same kind thing in the precinct combined with people arguing with their children.

Before the holiday I heard people talking about children being absolutely exhausted and really needing the half term break to come sooner. Now half the population seems to be unhappy that they have half term at all. Has no-one put two and two together and thought that perhaps shutting the little people away from society five days a week, forty odd weeks a year doesn’t actually get them used to society or allow society to get used to them? Or that having to sit still for several hours a day and do things you aren’t interested in for six weeks or so might not be the best lead in to a happy relaxing break?

The world has gone mad.

January 23, 2011


In a discussion about autonomous learning someone mentioned change being beneficial, especially in terms of creativity. People whose children go to school can often wonder what we home edders DO all day sitting indoors looking at the walls… Little do they know that we go here, there and everywhere most weeks and often see more things than a normal person should see in the space of a day.

Without planning it, we made a change yesterday which has been very fruitful. We went to PoundLand! We made several purchases including cappuccino wafer curls, After Eights, silicone cake tin liners, Barbie-type doll clothing and the changemakers: new paintbrushes.

Within an hour of getting home this had happened

And by this lunchtime the fridge looked like this

I think it’s been quite a while since the last painting bender and I can see that there has been some evolution in ideas and execution. Miss Froo isn’t covering the page thickly with randomly mixed colours and Miss Amoo is painting as if she were drawing and also persisting to get the sky to touch the ground.

No practice required, just a time of not doing it. I wish I could get better at all sorts of things by not doing them!

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November 6, 2010


On Wednesday, after a good week’s worth of fighting over who is watching what on the tv or ‘puter screen and a few bouts of sisterly violence and abuse, I banned the tv watching for a few days.

A lot more mess has been made and a lot more artwork has been produced as a result. Miss Amoo has been experimenting with cutting out shapes from paper then splattering paint onto the cut out and using the left overs as a kind of stencil.

Being a kind sister really, she offered today’s small pink-ish spattered butterflies to her sister to stick on to the wall by her bed “To help her wake up with kinder thoughts…”

Miss Froo’s response? “I don’t want them thank you: they look like bum cracks.”

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