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December 18, 2012

I didn’t want to do it but I’m sewing…

Oh dear, I was sure I wasn’t going to sew anything for gifts this year but I’ve succumbed. I’ve been bitten by a Christmas shaped bug and it’s left an itchy spot that needs scratching.

I’m waiting for some fabric to arrive to sew my mum a tea bag holder that is a bit more classy than the plastic bank coin bag she is currently using to carry decaffeinated Earl Grey around. Also, I want to sew a little lipstick holder key ring or two for Miss Amoo as she has a huge collection of lip balms that she keeps losing. This tute is the favourite at the moment as it’s simple and doesn’t involve crochet.

Scratch scratch! I’m finishing a mini cross stitch thingie which replaces the one I started last year then lost the threads for half way through sewing it. I’ve got a finished one and frames to put them in so I don’t really want to leave it for another year. Unfortunately I can’t seem to do this kind of sewing without tensing my shoulders so it’s a bit stressful! I also can’t do it while I’m watching anything with subtitles so thank goodness The Killing has finished.

Scratching again, I’m sewing a fleece dressing gown for Miss Amoo from this book which my mum found in a charity shop.

IMG_5378 (768x1024)

The paper patterns tucked in the back were uncut and she thought I’d like the styles. It was published in 1978 to accompany a series of ten programmes called Children’s Wardrobe. There is an alphabetical section on sewing processes from applique to zips then detailed instructions on construction of each garment making them all easy for a beginner sewist.

Did you ever wear anything like this? It’s kind of Clothkits in feel but with more freedom over fabric choice. Can you see the zip up beach robe in the last photo? That’s the same thing as the dressing gown.

IMG_5382 (768x1024)

IMG_5381 (768x1024)

IMG_5380 (768x1024)

IMG_5379 (768x1024)

The dressing gown is now cut from left over brown fleece and the raglan bits pinned but it’s too late to sew. My neighbour is pregnant and although I used to sew late at night I’m feeling more considerate now a I’m sure she needs her sleep.

How many sewing nights left til Christmas? Are you sewing or making for Christmas

December 11, 2012

Thinking about doing is a good thing

There has been sewing here but somehow I haven’t got round to posting any pictures.

As usual there has also been more thinking about sewing than actually sewing too. And thinking about all sorts of other things. I’ve always been kind of frustrated by the disparity between the quantity and ease of thinking and the difficulty in transforming this into activity in many areas of my life but this week I’ve made peace with it.

How many people don’t have the luxury to be endlessly creative in their heads without having to actually do the thing they have thought about? If I did this for a proper job I couldn’t spend days and nights daydreaming about a skirt or a top or wrist warmers or a clean floor then not sew it or knit it or clean it, could I?

The world is now full of non-creative thinking: it’s all competing facts and figures, analysis and argument, too much criticism and not enough creativity. Perhaps I should go like my Nan and have no tv and switch to Radio 3 so as to avoid the madness of the world round and about. That’s a bit drastic though!