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August 15, 2011


When I was about eight years old I had a wooden shape-thing in a cardboard box which had triangles and pointy diamond pieces which could all be put together in lots of different ways to make different patterns. I think this was around the same time I got a little weaving loom and was interested in those 80s nail and yarn pictures people used to have and I loved them all.

I’ve been looking for one for Miss Amoo because I thought it might be something she might like too and I finally found one – albeit a lot smaller than the one I used to have.

Here are some of the different designs she and I have made this week while the thing has been on the table. Only two are mine

El Famosisimo sat down with it when he got home the other day and asked my how the heck you were supposed to make all the pieces fit; he thought it was a puzzle but got more interested when I said it was a creative thingy to make whatever shapes you want! Perhaps the square wooden tray gives the wrong impression!

Then in the midst of all this primary colour work we found this cool little retro tray in our favourite shop. I’m hoping it will stop the Hama beads rolling off the table when they are selecting lots of the same colour from the big tin.

August 12, 2011

Cakes and more cakes

These are some of the six dozen fairy cakes I’ve made today and managed to prevent The Family eating.

And here are some badges I’ve been making this week.

We are having a extravaganza thingy on Saturday in the Market Square along with other members of the Chamber of Commerce who provide services rather than selling stuff so we had to thin k of things to tempt people.

We have the cakes, fifty or so badges, a couple of hundred bio-degradable cornstarch pens (with instructions not to suck them too much!) blurb about what we do and fifty coloured envelopes holding a variety of cards. The girls filled the envelopes so we have no idea what card is in which colour but ten of the envelopes have a golden ticket in them entitling whoever gives us the card back, to ask us to sell their house – and not pay us a penny. We are mad.

Don’t the envelopes look gorgeous all stacked like this? Sometimes I am grateful that Mr G has a stationery fetish.

The stockbrokers who are in the offices below our 2nd floor office are having a ‘Guess the Weight of the Dog’ competition with the prize being a very large tin of chocolates. The boss has a labrador who comes to work with her every day and who everyone loves until she farts!

The solicitors weren’t planning on giving anything away until Mr G mentioned my cake baking skills. Apparently they are busy mixing a home made lemonade brew as I type!

It will be interesting to see what the other members have thought of to encourage people to do business with them instead of always heading for the big smoke. Our town is about to undergo a massive change and no on really knows how it will pan out in the future. Half the townsfolk talk the place down and the other half keep shopping locally and look on the bright side. I am one of the latter but I must confess that my horizons have shrunk considerably since we moved here ten years ago. I can go for weeks without leaving yokeldom and at least a week without needing to get in my car at all.

Today I did get in my car to buy a tray of eggs from a farm 4 miles away but buying a tray of eggs for a fiver was a no-brainer considering the number I have cracked into a bowl this afternoon.

Now we are hoping for a dry but not too hot day, with nothing more than a light breeze to threaten the gazebo. A bit of English summer will be just fine!

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August 7, 2011

This should be so easy!

I have had the Sorbetto in my pattern folder for a while and finally printed and stuck it together last night. It looked like a simple top to sew and Sigrid’s looks great as does Scruffy Badger’s I had enough of the stripe left fro Miss Amoo’s top to sew it from so I got down to altering the pattern. I did consider cutting it just below the bustline and making it empire-ish so that I could line the top half and avoid binding the neck and armholes but then I’d have had a possibly pregnant-ish look with a pleat in the lower part. After dithering about this for a while I decided to sew it as is and just adjust it for my AAA self. I removed the dart à la Hungry Zombie which reduces the width and length of the front by the amount that would have been taken up by the dart. This worked like a dream on my traced pattern and it all looked good when I measured it up. It is a loose-ish fit anyway so what’s the worst that could happen?

I cut bias tape and sewed the binding using my lovely bias tape foot with just one shoulder seam sewn, then did the armscyes s in the flat then sewed up the side seams. I trimmed off the scant 1/4 s/a on the edges to be bound as the binding foot removed the need for applying tape in two stages. I really should have sewn the side seams first and checked the fit before I bound everything though as it doesn’t fit well and I kind of don’t like it 😦

I have some pooling at the lower back (swayback or too wide back?) and gaping at the front armscye. I think I could have cut a size or two smaller because a shorter armscye might help, or I could have narrowed the dart and rotated it up instead of removing it altogether or do that and remove the length and width from the front as I did as well as take some from the back width. I need a dizzy smilie here)

On doing a bit of googling I have found that some other sewists have had fitting woes with the Sorbetto too so I am not alone. After taking so long to do something that should have been quick, I now can’t be bothered to cut another one and try again as I remember now why I haven’t sewn many woven tops for myself! Fixing fitting issues on skirts and trousers is so much easier!

Oh and Mr G says this is definitely not my colour as it makes me look ill so it’s destined to be a quick skirt for Miss Froo.


On further reflection, I think need more details on tops if they are going to look ok. I need a busy pattern, pockets, pleats gathers or other things to add interest as there are no curves to add interest! I could try making this top into a made by Rae Spring Ruffle top: I made one of those and it looks fine which makes me think that straps and pleats and patterns might be the way to go!

August 2, 2011

Wet washing

My washing got wet today and I’m leaving it out to see if it dries overnight. Noisy work on the extension at the house behind ours started today so I’m taking pictures of the trees until the gap is filled and we can’t see them any more. There’s a lot of noisy activity in the neighbourhood at the moment and on top of the heat and a busy BlueDoor weekend it’s been a bit much.

It’s not all bad…last night Mr G and I walked into town for a drink and it was lovely to be out in the cool, quiet, air after the heat of the day. We have discovered a liking for Rekorderlig pear cider and our nicest local is happy to sell one pint bottle with two tall glasses so we treat ourselves about once a week, picking a day that El Famosisimo is at home and we have had a day that needs to be escaped from.

I’ve managed to do a bit of sewing too which is a minor miracle. Miss Amoo has been wanting some more clothes but didn’t know what she wanted. We had no joy in our usual favourite shop (AFCiC) so went next door but few to the fabric shop. She settled on Simplicity 2437 and we found a lovely light stripe in colours that are not too ‘girly’ on sale at only £1.25 a metre. After buying a new pattern and new fabric and new thread I lost my mind and forgot that I had no elastic – doh. Never mind.

I lay it out randomly and strangely managed to mis-match up the pattern without meaning to at all. Again, never mind. The front crossover is a shorter pattern piece than the back which means that if you match up the armscye the shoulder seam doesn’t meet or if you pin the shoulders the armscyes don’t work. I thought it was me tracing it whilst watching Sherlock (again) but I checked it again and then thought there is probably a reason for rolling the shoulder seam forward. Any ideas on this anyone?

This pattern is sized for (3-4-5-6) or (7-8-10-12-14) so I got the larger one so I might be able to sew one for myself at some point or just keep sewing them for her til she leaves home. She nagged me to finish it and has worn it straight away. She even managed not to drip chilli con carne or a choc ice on it which required a lot of concentration. I just need to concentrate and remember to buy some elastic so it looks a bit less boxy.