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December 18, 2012

I didn’t want to do it but I’m sewing…

Oh dear, I was sure I wasn’t going to sew anything for gifts this year but I’ve succumbed. I’ve been bitten by a Christmas shaped bug and it’s left an itchy spot that needs scratching.

I’m waiting for some fabric to arrive to sew my mum a tea bag holder that is a bit more classy than the plastic bank coin bag she is currently using to carry decaffeinated Earl Grey around. Also, I want to sew a little lipstick holder key ring or two for Miss Amoo as she has a huge collection of lip balms that she keeps losing. This tute is the favourite at the moment as it’s simple and doesn’t involve crochet.

Scratch scratch! I’m finishing a mini cross stitch thingie which replaces the one I started last year then lost the threads for half way through sewing it. I’ve got a finished one and frames to put them in so I don’t really want to leave it for another year. Unfortunately I can’t seem to do this kind of sewing without tensing my shoulders so it’s a bit stressful! I also can’t do it while I’m watching anything with subtitles so thank goodness The Killing has finished.

Scratching again, I’m sewing a fleece dressing gown for Miss Amoo from this book which my mum found in a charity shop.

IMG_5378 (768x1024)

The paper patterns tucked in the back were uncut and she thought I’d like the styles. It was published in 1978 to accompany a series of ten programmes called Children’s Wardrobe. There is an alphabetical section on sewing processes from applique to zips then detailed instructions on construction of each garment making them all easy for a beginner sewist.

Did you ever wear anything like this? It’s kind of Clothkits in feel but with more freedom over fabric choice. Can you see the zip up beach robe in the last photo? That’s the same thing as the dressing gown.

IMG_5382 (768x1024)

IMG_5381 (768x1024)

IMG_5380 (768x1024)

IMG_5379 (768x1024)

The dressing gown is now cut from left over brown fleece and the raglan bits pinned but it’s too late to sew. My neighbour is pregnant and although I used to sew late at night I’m feeling more considerate now a I’m sure she needs her sleep.

How many sewing nights left til Christmas? Are you sewing or making for Christmas

April 3, 2012


Look what I got in the post today! All the way from afar…


Sigrid very kindly facilitated the purchase of much needed 206×13 needles for me and I received them today, undamaged and unbent by their journey. Thank you! Who’d have thought that is would be easier, cheaper and quicker to buy German needles from the US than to buy them from Manchester?

So now that actually sewing again is a possibility I have sewing plans bouncing around my head, the most pressing being adding horizontal pleats to Novita at chest level to disguise my bralessness under summer weight fabrics and light cardigan to layer with. The recent hot weather has jolted me out of woolly jumpers, leggings and long skirts and the girls see one hot day of spring as being the sign to wear shorts so we went out to the shed to get The Suitcase.

We don’t have room to keep out of season clothing in the house so twice a year we drag a huge suitcase on wheels out of the shed and swap our winter wear for summer wear or vice versa. This week I realised that I have only one plain summer skirt (the four gore denim one) and all the others are patterned meaning that I really do need to make some plain tops that aren’t t-shirts.

I have been Pinning sewing ideas over the past few months (again, thank you Sigrid for introducing me to that lovely place)

I am intrigued by this Cos top which looks like it has two pleats but is in fact one big slanted box pleat

And this top with a layered peplum

Then there are upcycles, wrap tops from triangles, a summer weight jacket or some cardigans and at least one dress. I get caught up in all these thoughts then the simplicity thing bites me. Do I really need lots of clothes? Do I need new clothes? Do I have space to put them if I sew them or acquire them? This last question is in some way foolish as if I turned all my fabric hoard into clothing the sum change in available space would be nil. The other questions are more about my rejection of the consumer society and a feeling that the world is swirling with stuff that we don’t really want or need. Where does it all go? Right now Ebay UK has 1,872,940 items listed under Women’s Clothing and that doesn’t include handbags accessories or shoes! Are we all crazy?

The difference with Sewists in my humble opinion is that we make things that we really want and we love them so we wear them and wear them. Then maybe we adjust the fit or repair them and wear them some more.

Does this mean that we end up with fewer, better clothes? Does this slow down the turnover of clothes in the wardrobe? Do we cling less tightly to things that don’t fit or look good on us?

Bump! Back to reality – probably the first thing I will do with the new needles is take up a third pair of El Famosisimo’s work trousers.

September 26, 2011

I’ve Been Mostly Wearing the Skirt

I think I have worn the grey wrap skirt of the previous post almost every day with a selection of jumpers, t-shirts, fave tops, vests and waistcoats. It hasn’t been exciting but it has fitted the bill weather-wise.

Self-stitched September has revealed some large gaps in my warm clothing collection. I need to sew some long sleeved shirts and some more woolly, or thicker, cardis and waistcoats. I have one of Mr G’s old jumpers ready-shrunk to cut into something warm and some wool I bought last year that I might sew another skirt from.

I have been itching to sew something from a new book I bought with some birthday money from my mum. I’ve been wanting to buy it for a while then it was out of stock and I was dithering about buying it from YesAsia or not. I love Japanese patterns as they are made for smaller people with a small bust. I have never had to adjust a Japanese pattern to get it to fit me, which is a joy!

Have any of you sewn anything from this book?

Another bit of birthday money was enough for anew bike rack and panniers that I found in Lidl at a ridiculously cheap price. Here I am with my capacious new panniers on my ancient bike with ancient basket in the skirt and jumper – again – and in front of our petrol guzzling family car. I am trying to use it less so being able to carry more on my bike is a good thing although the car does come in handy for carting all six of us about or lift-sharing with other families to get to home ed things.

Mmmm what shall I wear tomorrow?

February 9, 2011


Minnado – this is the pattern I though of when I saw your red dress; what do you think? Should I bite the bullet and sew myself one for the summer? I like the collar but I don’t know if I can carry off the housecoat style and the zip worries me too: not sewing it but using it, or misusing it! Maybe BMF or GOMT have an opinion as they have seen me in the flesh.

I bought a bundle of size 12 retro patterns some time last year on ebay because I was looking for some simple dresses to sew that wouldn’t need too much bust adjustment. I still haven’t sewn one of them so I’m challenging myself to do at least one this year.

Here’s one I might try to ease myself in gently; perhaps just the top.

In the meantime there is a new waistband needed on Miss Froo’s velour trousers, totally new pyjama trousers from El Famosisimo who has finally ripped the pair I sewed him from my dad’s old dressing gown. One of EF’s quirks is that he can’t stand wearing stiff, new fabrics and finding stuff that is pre-softened and not in floral patterns can sometimes be a bit tricky especially as at his age it is hard to find clothes to fit him from charity shops or at jumble sales.

He is bigger than a kid but not as big as an adult and it seems from my experience and evidence before my eyes that boys between about 8 and 16 destroy their clothes before they grow out of them so there is nothing left to hand down to anyone or put in a bag for charity.

I’ve moved the record player off the top of the sewing machine cabinet and put it underneath it instead so that may help with getting some sewing done….