…I have mostly been listening to Megson and I have rearranged furniture to accommodate a new piece of furniture.

This thing is taller than it looks at 4’7″! The tall cupboard has shelves inside which is good or the girls would be hiding in it! The hidden shelves have swallowed my 40 or so overlocker cones; all my paper patterns, pattern books and machine guides; a basket of cotton remnants; more quilting cottons in larger pieces; a couple of Works In Progress and some muslins.

All that stuff was on a shelf and on the floor beside the sofa so this has freed up space for the oil heater that has been without a good corner out of the way since the start of the winter and left the shelf of another bookcase empty to fill with either the Lego or the train set or the castle and furniture. The open shelves on the bookcase now hold books, puzzles, dressing up clothes and dollies, backpacks, building blocks and a basket full of marble run bits. The stereo is on the top shelf and the photos which have been struggling alongside books now have a place of their own right on the top. Miss Froo has hidden something in the small cupboard but it isn’t easy to open so whatever it is may be there for some time.

These new arrangements have caused great upheaval because my kind of tidying and rearranging makes a lot of mess. The living room is in a scandalous state in every respect other than the new bookcase!!! Ooops. Mr Green is very tolerant of mess and he knew what lay ahead when he pressed me to just click to buy the bookcase but our eldest, The Famosisimo, came home from work and said “What the heck has happened here?” He is slightly more disturbed by change than the rest of us….

Amid the madness I have also changed the plug on the hairdryer because the boys had trodden on it at some point and it was hard to plug in. Another thing that was bugging me was Miss Froo’s coat lying around because the hanging loop had come un-stitched on one side so I sat and sewed that up too. Small things but two les things to be irked about in the long run.

Tomorrow I will clear up the rest of the room but already I feel that the Feng Shui bagua for children creativity and joy is much better than it was.


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