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November 22, 2010


It felt like we had just got rid of one cold when another one snook up and engulfed us. The amount of mucous being produced was incompatible with socialising so we have been at home festering which has resulted in a burst of creativity.

Miss Amoo has been doing some knitting and has found that using the circular needles has been easier than using straight ones as they aren’t as heavy or unwieldy. She got from eight stitches to about 24 over four inches or so then got bored and unravelled it all.

Miss Froo wanted to knit but I couldn’t bear to fight with her over how to do it and how not to do it, so I suggested we do some weaving instead. The last time we went to Ikea we got some wine glasses as we had broken all the ones we had. I kept the box because it folded up nicely and seemed a bit useful and now it is a portable folding loom.

We cut eight slits in each end then wrapped some yarn up and down it (yarn given to me by a neighbour who thought she might like to knit so bought fancy wool then never used it) then filled up a bit of card with more yarn as a shuttle and off she went muttering under, over, under, over, to herself.

Then she got bored of being in the kitchen and moved to the living room floor and did some more

And in under an hour from first cutting the box, she had finished a little rug.

It was so strange to watch them both working away quietly without wanting to take over each other’s thing or Miss Froo wanting to spoil her sister’s creation. When the boys and Mr G got home they all wanted to feel the rug and the mini scarf just as they had wanted to play with the climbing dolly we made last week at our Wednesday thing. He is still faceless because we can’t think what kind of face he should have and now we kind of like him like this. He is hanging from the kitchen door and the spade next to him is one of the stickers that came with the Dig It seeds and ended up on the door to await a gardener…

These fuzzy, squishy, colourful things make us all a little bit happier when we see or touch them.

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November 13, 2010

It All Fits

Today is an anchor day that holds the week down and stops one day just turning into another and another until so many pass that you have no idea what day it is nor how many have slipped through your fingers. The balance and flow of the weeks are disturbed if we don’t do the ‘Friday thing’ and we get a bit lost.

This Friday was set to become a lost day. Grumpiness meant that the vote was two girls-to-one me against setting off to our usual place when the phone rang and I spoke to a childhood friend of my mum’s who she has known for more than fifty years. Her son, who I last saw as a beaming red-haired toddler, is at a college in Oxford doing an MA in something historical and my mum had given her my number in case they were passing by and wanted a friendly cup of tea.

I really can’t remember the last time I saw her and her husband but I had no hesitation in accepting their invitation to a rendezvous in town. We ended up finding them in queue for the bus at the Park and Ride where they were waiting for the same bus as us. They looked a little different but sounded so familiar and warm that the girls took to them immediately and by the time we got off the bus they knew everything that anyone would need to know about us and more besides!

We had civilised tea in the Ashmolean then wandered about the museum and talked and talked. I know that my mum and she can go for years without seeing each other then just pick up and feel no discomfort or trepidation on meeting again. I too am beginning to recognise this ease with some of my friends who I see all too infrequently and what I found surprising and yet comforting today was that the tie between my mum and her friend felt like it had stretched out and looped around me too.

So even though we didn’t do the Friday thing, I still feel revitalised and uplifted and will welcome the new week with a spring in my step.

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November 9, 2010


This weekend I

Sold three Winter Sling Things
Sewed two Winter Sling Things, one fuchsia, one blue
Waited in vain for a buyer to tell me which colour they would like.

Renewed my lack of faith in Sat Nav, twice
Finally bought three peg thingies for drying socks and smalls
Replaced the chair that has long been referred to as ‘The Death Chair’
Broke a bit of the computer desk to fit the scanner into it and freed up space elsewhere

Sparkled two dozen sparklers with five children
Watched rockets and catherine wheels
Was offered, and then drank, a bit too much red wine
Chatted with friends while the children all played happily
Watched El Famosisimo play guitar with our talented friend
Ate the most lovely pudding called hannas appelkaka

Today has not been nearly so nice nor as exciting but not bad either and now another day has appeared… where do the days go?

November 6, 2010


On Wednesday, after a good week’s worth of fighting over who is watching what on the tv or ‘puter screen and a few bouts of sisterly violence and abuse, I banned the tv watching for a few days.

A lot more mess has been made and a lot more artwork has been produced as a result. Miss Amoo has been experimenting with cutting out shapes from paper then splattering paint onto the cut out and using the left overs as a kind of stencil.

Being a kind sister really, she offered today’s small pink-ish spattered butterflies to her sister to stick on to the wall by her bed “To help her wake up with kinder thoughts…”

Miss Froo’s response? “I don’t want them thank you: they look like bum cracks.”

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