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June 27, 2011

Time ago

In the small hours of this day, a whole unbelievable eighteen years ago, my eldest boy was born in a little hospital in a noisy part of Mexico City called Iztapalapa.

He was born with the same dark hair he has now and was a true bundle of joy. He was carried all over Mexico, from the city to the Pacific coast then via Guatemala and Belize to the Caribbean coast. I ignored those who wondered why the white girl was breastfeeding and carrying her baby like an indigenous mama and not pushing a pushchair and feeding him Nestle like the educated classes did. I told people that he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he was as uncomfortable as they thought he looked and that he would sleep all night when he was ready to.

Then we came back here, then we went back there, then things went wrong, then we came back here and started all over again from nothing. On paper, his life hasn’t been easy: in reality he thinks he has had a fine time and doesn’t see himself as anything other than who he has become.

In the blink of an eye he is a young man, with a car he is now able to drive on his own, he works, he goes out with friends, he plays guitar and he sings along with any old songs. He is as smart as he always was and I am a bit smarter now than I was back then.

He had some friends over to eat on Saturday night. We had barbecued lamb and spicy chicken as well as Mexican carnitas and pico de gallo with tortillas. Everyone ate their fill and then barely had room for cake and cream and strawberries

EL Famosisimo’s friends are all good natured chaps who always end up telling tall tales and joking around til they are in fits of laughter. They generously humoured the girls while we all ate together then ended up playing outside with them on the scooters and bikes. Look at them here all being silly racing up and down the road together! Mr G and I were laughing on the doorstep watching these huge lads playing with such tiny shrieky, bossy girls.

Tonight he is off to the pub with his passport ready to buy his first legal drink on licensed premises. Where has the time gone?

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June 23, 2011


I can’t sew when the family keep storing stuff on my machine

It is a bit cheeky of the sun to come out when its absence has enabled the rain to lash at the kitchen window (hence the blurry bits on the photo) and soak all the washing I had put out just beforehand.

There is something so pleasing about seeing nine eggs instead of six isn’t there? Whoever told Waitrose they could sell odd sized eggs in a more interesting box was onto a good thing.

June 17, 2011

Do they do Cartwheels and Handstands at School?

Miss Amoo reading because she wants to.

Can you believe that the school at the top of our road has banned the summer-happiness-inducing thing that is cartwheeling on grass? I didn’t believe it either but it is true. The Headmaster says it is so. Now, quite obviously, school has a lot to offer a lot of people and I don’t diss it on a regular basis but this is just perplexing.

There must be at least 50 reasons to support cartwheeling and handstands and most of them are so obvious that I shan’t bother to list them here. I fear that many fall into the category of discrimination though and that bothers me.

Much as I love sitting down and talking (and heaven knows I do an awful lot of it) I don’t want to happen upon a playing field at lunch time and see neat rows of little girls doing just that when they could be enjoying the exhilaration that temporary upside-downness brings.

It makes me want to cartwheel right now but I haven’t got room indoors… I’ll do it in the front garden when I get up tomorrow.

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June 7, 2011

Quick shopping

We have had a wild and windy day. We set off to meet some friendly folks at the water feature at the park in sort of sunshine but prepared for any eventuality and experienced them all. Swimsuits in the water park, then towels and dressing gowns and cardigans then raincoats, ponchos and brollies then back to t-shirts. Thank goodness for the trolley and her capaciousness.

After leaving them we had time to kill before recorder class so we popped to our favourite shop. Our previous finds have been nice crockery or glasses and kids books and clothes for under £5 in total but today look what I found for me:

A summer wrap dress in crisp printed cotton, size Large (not really) with a full skirt and a perfect fit for only £4.50. I tried it on and the girls said “Er mum you don’t look like you!” The cheek! I’ll have you know that there was a time when I wore nice clothes and dressed a bit glam. It was aeons ago but still.

Look at these topstitched sleeves

and the collar

On reflection I think I might take off the lapels. They are stitched on, not stitched in so should be easy to remove. I am only 5’0″ tall and don’t have big hair so they kind of unbalance the thing. I’ve just tucked them in here, what do you think?

Best of all there is a pocket in the right side seam. How cool is that?

I also picked up a red vintage skirt with patch pockets and a slightly faded orange cotton drill table cloth with an Ikea tag. With two books and a plush Numberjacks Number 4, I had to go down the road to the bank to get a £10 note to pay for it all!

The tablecloth will be trousers for Miss Amoo by the end of the week and possibly a little paddling skirt for Miss Froo and the colour makes it ideal for the bag I’ve been meaning to sew for the air pump.