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April 3, 2012


Look what I got in the post today! All the way from afar…


Sigrid very kindly facilitated the purchase of much needed 206×13 needles for me and I received them today, undamaged and unbent by their journey. Thank you! Who’d have thought that is would be easier, cheaper and quicker to buy German needles from the US than to buy them from Manchester?

So now that actually sewing again is a possibility I have sewing plans bouncing around my head, the most pressing being adding horizontal pleats to Novita at chest level to disguise my bralessness under summer weight fabrics and light cardigan to layer with. The recent hot weather has jolted me out of woolly jumpers, leggings and long skirts and the girls see one hot day of spring as being the sign to wear shorts so we went out to the shed to get The Suitcase.

We don’t have room to keep out of season clothing in the house so twice a year we drag a huge suitcase on wheels out of the shed and swap our winter wear for summer wear or vice versa. This week I realised that I have only one plain summer skirt (the four gore denim one) and all the others are patterned meaning that I really do need to make some plain tops that aren’t t-shirts.

I have been Pinning sewing ideas over the past few months (again, thank you Sigrid for introducing me to that lovely place)

I am intrigued by this Cos top which looks like it has two pleats but is in fact one big slanted box pleat

And this top with a layered peplum

Then there are upcycles, wrap tops from triangles, a summer weight jacket or some cardigans and at least one dress. I get caught up in all these thoughts then the simplicity thing bites me. Do I really need lots of clothes? Do I need new clothes? Do I have space to put them if I sew them or acquire them? This last question is in some way foolish as if I turned all my fabric hoard into clothing the sum change in available space would be nil. The other questions are more about my rejection of the consumer society and a feeling that the world is swirling with stuff that we don’t really want or need. Where does it all go? Right now Ebay UK has 1,872,940 items listed under Women’s Clothing and that doesn’t include handbags accessories or shoes! Are we all crazy?

The difference with Sewists in my humble opinion is that we make things that we really want and we love them so we wear them and wear them. Then maybe we adjust the fit or repair them and wear them some more.

Does this mean that we end up with fewer, better clothes? Does this slow down the turnover of clothes in the wardrobe? Do we cling less tightly to things that don’t fit or look good on us?

Bump! Back to reality – probably the first thing I will do with the new needles is take up a third pair of El Famosisimo’s work trousers.

March 10, 2012

No Sewing

There has been no sewing since 18th February when I put the machine under her lid to make one more usable surface available in the living room in readiness for The Party.

Said surface has since been covered with more things than it is easy to find new homes for quickly so the machine remains hidden and my sewing dreams are becoming more vivid.


I read this today in some research about sports shoes vs barefoot (a link from a link from facebook…) and I wondered how many other things this might apply to?

(There is) a tendency in humans to be less cautious when using new devices of unknown benefit because of overly positive attitudes associated with new technology and novel devices.

This is pretty isn’t it? No new devices here! Art from twigs, thread and toilet roll tubes.

Miss Froo and I had a busy day on Thursday fixing odd jobs around the house and garden that needed hammers and cable clips and curtain hooks and garden shears. Then we made those toilet roll flowers and tried to make a purse from a juice carton which was rather less successful than we had hoped. If we manage to make one that actually works, I’ll let you know.

February 7, 2012


Did you see the moon tonight? It was huge when it rose and I kept catching sight of it through the trees and across the fields whilst I was out this evening. I came home and took a picture but really the only way to remember this beautiful sight is hold it in my head. How many sights are stored in my mind? I don’t know, but there are lots of moons and I don’t know why.

What did you see today that made you stop and stare?

February 24, 2011

My Gap

My gap is going.

The one that let me see this yesterday while I was standing at my sink for half an hour washing up and listening to El Famosisimo chatting to a friend in the kitchen over a cup of coffee

Then today when we got home from town the light looked like this

I love this view but it will soon be gone as our neighbours have got planning permission to build a 2 storey extension to the left of their house which will block out the view of the trees and leave my view on a day like today looking like this:

I’ve tried to explain why this gap is important to me before and I feel that I must be the only person who can see this ever changing view and values it. No person in any other house in our close is able to see the sun set like I do through these trees and perhaps no-one else really cares whether they sky looks this way or that but I DO. Appreciating what is around us is so simple yet so easy to forget.

On this occasion no amount of ranting in my head (they have one tiny child and three bedrooms – do they realllly need four bedrooms and three toilets??!???) or letter writing to Planning People has made any difference and I am now resigned to collecting pictures of this view until it is blocked and my gap is lost.