Too much stuff?

Moving one thing affects so many others and this last bout of furniture manoeuvres spread the clearing out bug as far as the bedrooms yesterday.

Once again, the result is the not unusual acceptance of the undeniable fact that we have too much stuff for a house this small. Which stinks because we can’t afford to move.

The thing we struggle with most is clothing storage so today when I read about a fellow sewist who aims to sew a hundred garments this year it set me thinking.

I am naturally habitually drawn towards a minimalism of sorts where possessions are concerned and I cannot imagine owning a hundred new garments on top of what we already have in the house. It isn’t just about space though, it is more about need. I can’t see myself needing much new stuff at all in the year ahead.

Did you ever read about The Little Brown Dress project? I became aware of it just as I was mid-fourth-pregnancy and huge in the summer for the first time with nothing to cover my belly that wasn’t made of wool.

I started reading about simple wardrobes and made three maternity tops and two wrap skirts which I wore day, after hot day, after hot day.

Post-partum hit in the autumn and I sewed two long length wrap skirts, one in a rusty orange wool and one in school grey cotton. I wore either one of them or a pair of jeans with a rotation of 3 jumpers and two waistcoats with cheap t-shirts underneath for warmth. The wool was great for EC misses and the wrap style means that if the babe pukes on your skirt you just wrap it the other way and put off washing it properly for another day at least!

That was in 2006 and here I am today, four winters later, wearing the orange wool skirt with a brown funnel neck jumper which I have owned since 2002 and a turquoise scarf Mr G bought me when he was still employed and had money to spend. (He isn’t unemployed now; we have our own business so employ ourselves)

People who know me will probably have realised that they see me wearing the same clothes on a regular basis but I don’t think they hate me for it or think that I lack originality – at least I hope not.


3 Responses to “Too much stuff?”

  1. No, this person who knows you think you dress beautifully : )


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