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December 31, 2010

Fairly Fairy

How’s your fairy faring? Poor Ms Fairy has a light-up function which is incompatible with today’s LED tree lights. She does however now have very spectacularly lit underwear!

Thanks to Marcel’s Kids Crafts for our easy-peasy and super-lovely snowflakes.

December 27, 2010


So, not preparing much for Christmas has worked out ok. The children got some gifts, we ate some food and we have had a good time together. As Doctor Who said: “Halfway out of the darkness.”

The view from our front door on Christmas night was the street light, the moon low in the sky and our stars hanging from the porch-thing


December 22, 2010

No evidence

I have been creative, I have learned some new skills and rediscovered old ones, I have been to new places, read new books, socialised with people and (partially) fulfilled my domestic duties.

I have no photographic evidence of any of these activities and you may not believe that I have done them. You may not even believe that my living room floor is clear of the stuff that often covers it as you haven’t visited my house to see that it is so.

The fact that you have not seen it, and have only my word for it, does not make it less true, does it?

Take heed, Home Education Visitors.

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December 10, 2010

A long thing with a hook on the end

About a year or so ago I saw an odd thing in my favourite charity shop

I had no idea what this thing was for so I googled it when I got home and found all sorts of interesting things about it on youtube. Once I knew what it was I went back the next day to part with 30p and brought it home. Did you notice the vintage Woolworths price sticker on the packet? Those were the days.

I had some thick yarn a friend had given me so I used that to experiment a bit. I made a very thick and curled up thing about 30 stitches wide and a foot long which is so densely woven and stiff that I have no idea what to do with it! The novelty wore off and the hook/needle was put in the drawer.

The other night I was sorting through some piles of paper and came across a pattern for crochet granny squares but I couldn’t understand a word of it; too much ch this and 3dc that and other stuff I didn’t recognise. Then I wondered if I could crochet normally with the huge Tunisian crochet hook instead of doing Tunisian Crochet with it again and whether some strips of t-shirt I had cut up ages ago when those t-shirt necklaces were all the rage would do as ‘yarn’.

It turns out that I can crochet a bit if I watch it done by a very patient and slow moving lady on youtube and click pause a lot. Here is my first ever crocheted thing made with t-shirt strips

I was so tickled pink with this new thing that I started another one which turned out to be big enough to sit a big fat pillar candle on it which is good because the stretchiness of the strips made the things want to curl up if not pressed down by something. The words crochet and curl seem to occur rather often in my crafting vocabulary. Perhaps my tension is off? (I don’t really care though, so take that as a rhetorical question)

Now the question is: does my mum really need or want a crocheted thingummyjig for Christmas?