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April 3, 2012


Look what I got in the post today! All the way from afar…


Sigrid very kindly facilitated the purchase of much needed 206×13 needles for me and I received them today, undamaged and unbent by their journey. Thank you! Who’d have thought that is would be easier, cheaper and quicker to buy German needles from the US than to buy them from Manchester?

So now that actually sewing again is a possibility I have sewing plans bouncing around my head, the most pressing being adding horizontal pleats to Novita at chest level to disguise my bralessness under summer weight fabrics and light cardigan to layer with. The recent hot weather has jolted me out of woolly jumpers, leggings and long skirts and the girls see one hot day of spring as being the sign to wear shorts so we went out to the shed to get The Suitcase.

We don’t have room to keep out of season clothing in the house so twice a year we drag a huge suitcase on wheels out of the shed and swap our winter wear for summer wear or vice versa. This week I realised that I have only one plain summer skirt (the four gore denim one) and all the others are patterned meaning that I really do need to make some plain tops that aren’t t-shirts.

I have been Pinning sewing ideas over the past few months (again, thank you Sigrid for introducing me to that lovely place)

I am intrigued by this Cos top which looks like it has two pleats but is in fact one big slanted box pleat

And this top with a layered peplum

Then there are upcycles, wrap tops from triangles, a summer weight jacket or some cardigans and at least one dress. I get caught up in all these thoughts then the simplicity thing bites me. Do I really need lots of clothes? Do I need new clothes? Do I have space to put them if I sew them or acquire them? This last question is in some way foolish as if I turned all my fabric hoard into clothing the sum change in available space would be nil. The other questions are more about my rejection of the consumer society and a feeling that the world is swirling with stuff that we don’t really want or need. Where does it all go? Right now Ebay UK has 1,872,940 items listed under Women’s Clothing and that doesn’t include handbags accessories or shoes! Are we all crazy?

The difference with Sewists in my humble opinion is that we make things that we really want and we love them so we wear them and wear them. Then maybe we adjust the fit or repair them and wear them some more.

Does this mean that we end up with fewer, better clothes? Does this slow down the turnover of clothes in the wardrobe? Do we cling less tightly to things that don’t fit or look good on us?

Bump! Back to reality – probably the first thing I will do with the new needles is take up a third pair of El Famosisimo’s work trousers.

January 26, 2010

Too much stuff?

Moving one thing affects so many others and this last bout of furniture manoeuvres spread the clearing out bug as far as the bedrooms yesterday.

Once again, the result is the not unusual acceptance of the undeniable fact that we have too much stuff for a house this small. Which stinks because we can’t afford to move.

The thing we struggle with most is clothing storage so today when I read about a fellow sewist who aims to sew a hundred garments this year it set me thinking.

I am naturally habitually drawn towards a minimalism of sorts where possessions are concerned and I cannot imagine owning a hundred new garments on top of what we already have in the house. It isn’t just about space though, it is more about need. I can’t see myself needing much new stuff at all in the year ahead.

Did you ever read about The Little Brown Dress project? I became aware of it just as I was mid-fourth-pregnancy and huge in the summer for the first time with nothing to cover my belly that wasn’t made of wool.

I started reading about simple wardrobes and made three maternity tops and two wrap skirts which I wore day, after hot day, after hot day.

Post-partum hit in the autumn and I sewed two long length wrap skirts, one in a rusty orange wool and one in school grey cotton. I wore either one of them or a pair of jeans with a rotation of 3 jumpers and two waistcoats with cheap t-shirts underneath for warmth. The wool was great for EC misses and the wrap style means that if the babe pukes on your skirt you just wrap it the other way and put off washing it properly for another day at least!

That was in 2006 and here I am today, four winters later, wearing the orange wool skirt with a brown funnel neck jumper which I have owned since 2002 and a turquoise scarf Mr G bought me when he was still employed and had money to spend. (He isn’t unemployed now; we have our own business so employ ourselves)

People who know me will probably have realised that they see me wearing the same clothes on a regular basis but I don’t think they hate me for it or think that I lack originality – at least I hope not.

January 25, 2010


…I have mostly been listening to Megson and I have rearranged furniture to accommodate a new piece of furniture.

This thing is taller than it looks at 4’7″! The tall cupboard has shelves inside which is good or the girls would be hiding in it! The hidden shelves have swallowed my 40 or so overlocker cones; all my paper patterns, pattern books and machine guides; a basket of cotton remnants; more quilting cottons in larger pieces; a couple of Works In Progress and some muslins.

All that stuff was on a shelf and on the floor beside the sofa so this has freed up space for the oil heater that has been without a good corner out of the way since the start of the winter and left the shelf of another bookcase empty to fill with either the Lego or the train set or the castle and furniture. The open shelves on the bookcase now hold books, puzzles, dressing up clothes and dollies, backpacks, building blocks and a basket full of marble run bits. The stereo is on the top shelf and the photos which have been struggling alongside books now have a place of their own right on the top. Miss Froo has hidden something in the small cupboard but it isn’t easy to open so whatever it is may be there for some time.

These new arrangements have caused great upheaval because my kind of tidying and rearranging makes a lot of mess. The living room is in a scandalous state in every respect other than the new bookcase!!! Ooops. Mr Green is very tolerant of mess and he knew what lay ahead when he pressed me to just click to buy the bookcase but our eldest, The Famosisimo, came home from work and said “What the heck has happened here?” He is slightly more disturbed by change than the rest of us….

Amid the madness I have also changed the plug on the hairdryer because the boys had trodden on it at some point and it was hard to plug in. Another thing that was bugging me was Miss Froo’s coat lying around because the hanging loop had come un-stitched on one side so I sat and sewed that up too. Small things but two les things to be irked about in the long run.

Tomorrow I will clear up the rest of the room but already I feel that the Feng Shui bagua for children creativity and joy is much better than it was.