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August 17, 2013

Indoors and outdoors

Is it just me or can you smell autumn in the air too?

There were no strawberries to pick locally for my mum’s birthday last weekend but we picked a few big juicy blackberries yesterday and they’ve been simmered and strained to make jelly today. There have been mornings and evenings where the wearing of wool has been required, the long grasses in the garden have spread their seed then died back and the nights are drawing in.

My morning reading habit has become an all day habit which is hindering domestic achievements and sewing.

So far in last fortnight I have read two Rebus novels, a Kathy Reichs, a Val McDiarmid, two Carole Shields (Larry’s Party and The Stone Diaries). Now I’ve started on The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I have always had this thing about reading that I start and can’t stop. When I was around ten years old I started reading longer books and used to read til midnight which was later than my mum and dad went to bed. If I went for a sleep over at my cousin’s house we’d stay up all night reading and not really talking to each other!

We have been out and about some days to balance the indoorness of the reading habit. We went to Southampton in the week and found that there is a rhinoceros trail. As we walked through the parks we saw one, then another one then spotted another one across the road, then in shop windows and baby ones in the library.

Mr G saw something similar when he went to Liverpool a few years ago but those were creatures calledĀ lambananas.

Here are a few of the rhinos we saw


(That’s me with the wind in my hair and a look on my face like Nan used to have at times of deep thought or something! Carrying a modified Tiny Happy Bag and wearing a me-made wool cardi from One Day Autumn Sewing and brown linen New Look 6190)




Miss Froo is in her favourite mummy made tunic fromĀ  a Japanese sewing book Miss Amoo is in a tunic upcycled from a dress.