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December 31, 2011


2011 is almost packed up and put away. The tree is still up though and the stars are still shining outside albeit with one larger area of dark matter becoming apparent following a quick repair to enable a further six stars to light up. (Cut off light bulb, strip wires, twist together again and apply some tape. What do you mean I should have soldered the wires?! Having an electrical engineer in training here is putting a damper on my happy-go lucky electrical solutions!)

I love the possibilities that the New Year brings and every year I hope that we will be contented, healthy and all move forward in positive ways. This year we are still hopeful but also sure that unpredictable times lie ahead in many areas of our lives. I think we will have to make sure we do things that make us happy to balance out the other bits but sometimes life is like that.

There have been a lot of good times this year as well as a few bad ones here and there and these are some pictures that trigger good memories for me.

November 22, 2011

Time to talk

Today when Miss Froo was at her Dreamweavers drama group (the only thing she does that is big sister-free) Miss Amoo and I went to the post office to return the boots of the previous post then went to the cafe at Pegasus Theatre They have an amazing wire tree which starts on the ground floor and ends up almost reaching the roof. The tree has coloured circles of perspex growing on its branches some of which are engraved with messages and inspiring quotes. We had a drink and a big fat slice of shortbread and read some of the bubbles that were close to our table.

We are four weeks into the Dreamweavers thing and I have found that this time with Miss Amoo has been strange and welcome as it gives her time to say something without having to shout over her sister or have her sister contradict her or say that she also wants the same things. I love how close they are but I do also want to give them opportunities to be themselves and not a lump of FrooAmoo or AmooFroo depending on who is more forceful at any given moment. Some people might (and sometimes do) argue that if they were at school they would be more individual but we don’t think that is the answer. As they get older their desires and needs will change and they will find paths they want to walk together and others to show each other but for now they spend significantly more time together than apart which is special.

Today in these peaceful moments walking and talking then sitting and watching, Moo told me two things that need some action on my part. She would like to learn to draw better as her portraits of different people are starting to all look the same and she thinks that a denim belt with a button on it would be good to hold her trousers up. I’ll do what I can to help her with both these things.

Tomorrow Miss Froo and I will be home alone as Moo is off to a friend’s house for the afternoon. Froo is sure to have some things that she wants me to do for her too and we may have time to do them before her sister gets home!

July 10, 2011

Easy days

Last week I went to get most of may hair cut off which was such a relief, then shed the burdens of the daily grind as well and went camping.

How easy it is to live without stuff. What was in the boot of the car is what we took for four days away and most of it is the sleeping stuff, chairs and a table. The girls each took a tiny backpack of clothes and I took what I was wearing plus light trousers, a skirt, a t-shirt, a vest, a jumper, me-made underwear and a fleece poncho.

We got a lot of use out of the ponchos and the waterproof trousers, the little gas stove and three solar garden lights from Poundland which are almost bright enough to read by if you hold them close to the page! The wool pads I used to use on our bed when we were ECing Miss Froo were great for insulating the foam mats we slept on and we all fitted in the double sleeping bag which kept us all cosy.

The girls found a rope swing across a brook, then another swing, and another swing and then another swing. It seemed as though every tree on the campsite had, or had had, a rope swing attached to it. The girls love these simple pleasures of traversing water and swinging and now feel that a rope hanging from a tree should be an essential part of life’s furniture.

They made friends and so did I. Who knew that I would end up speaking Spanish to a Brazilian woman married to an English man who both used to live in Argentina, and their friends who are a multi-lingual Danish woman married to a Brummie? The countryside is an amazingly diverse place you know!

We walked in the wilderness with the help of a map and compass, went to the beach, ate ice creams and lazed about. I have come home wanting to throw away almost everything we own so that I don’t have to tidy it up or wash it.

I had at least two conversations a day about how it was that we were on holiday when everyone else’s over fives were still at school. One chap I washed dishes next to said that his little people of four and two years old always seemed to come home for a trip away a little more wise and grown up. He said this would be their last trip like this as his older boy was starting school in September but that he had doubts about whether school was actually what his son needed at this age. I resisted the urge to get too evangelical but I hope he feels that there is a choice and not just one way to live.

All the adults we met commented on how well behaved and friendly Miss Froo and Miss Amoo are. They do know how to keep it all together when we are out and about! Folks who asked about HE were pleasantly surprised at how normal they are and how well they played with other children, which stopped the socialisation argument dead in its tracks.

I wanted to use these few days without electricity to try and change my sleeping habits because I am finding more and more that being nocturnal has its downsides in normal society. Sleeping from around 2am to 11am just doesn’t work. I drank no coffee and ate no black chocolate; I went to sleep well before midnight and got up by nine each day. Today was our first day at home and I managed to be up and about just after nine today too. Yay! I hope to keep this up as I have made long term plans that include being somewhere at 10am every Wednesday in a non-comatose state. I’ll let you know how that goes………

June 17, 2011

Do they do Cartwheels and Handstands at School?

Miss Amoo reading because she wants to.

Can you believe that the school at the top of our road has banned the summer-happiness-inducing thing that is cartwheeling on grass? I didn’t believe it either but it is true. The Headmaster says it is so. Now, quite obviously, school has a lot to offer a lot of people and I don’t diss it on a regular basis but this is just perplexing.

There must be at least 50 reasons to support cartwheeling and handstands and most of them are so obvious that I shan’t bother to list them here. I fear that many fall into the category of discrimination though and that bothers me.

Much as I love sitting down and talking (and heaven knows I do an awful lot of it) I don’t want to happen upon a playing field at lunch time and see neat rows of little girls doing just that when they could be enjoying the exhilaration that temporary upside-downness brings.

It makes me want to cartwheel right now but I haven’t got room indoors… I’ll do it in the front garden when I get up tomorrow.

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