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March 18, 2011


It’s the 18th March and I still haven’t made anything for me. The only sewing I’ve done this month is bean bags from fleece scraps at our Tuesday home ed group. These have gone down well and feel really nice to hold and throw but I’m still without a new vest or new undies!

Late on Tuesday afternoon the sun was on its way down and I was at the sink when it shone through the kitchen window and through glass of stones on the windowsill

and I found that I could do this

This week has been odd, busy, messy and a bit stressful but shot through with good moments spent with friends. These friends and the long awaited flashes of light and green are keeping me afloat and if I can get through the family’s detritus to my machine this weekend I’ll feel even better.

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January 13, 2011

Fresh and Green

Today has been wet which makes a change from cold and dry, if nothing else. The garden is looking a real mess of plastic stuff including toys, pegs, pots, tea towels and cloths (used for wiping the slide I think…) and all the stuff that goes with the plastic kitchen which lives outside.

Amidst all that colour I noticed a few things as I lifted the lid on the compost dalek and tried not to murder any worms that like hanging around the lid and lip. The dalek is under a lilac bush and look at the life just waiting to burst our of this sticky bud.

Then I went looking for more green, of the natural variety

And look what survived the snow and stupidly sub zero temperatures

who knew parsley was so hardy! (and so green with camera flash on a drizzly day)

Am I imagining it or is it staying light until well after 4 o’clock now? I can’t comment on the change in time of the dawn but perhaps you can let me know if anything significant is happening at that end of the day.

Even this slight lengthening in the bit of day that I see, makes my day better. The bits of green appearing in the garden are heartening and the fact that I have now hemmed the trousers is satisfying. Small pleasures are often worth noting and storing for when the pickings seem slimmer.

January 6, 2011


We are in a serious dinner rut: the kind of rut that has only three dinners in it because we can’t think of anything else to cook and we haven’t been and done a ‘proper shop’ since before Christmas.

My mum may have sensed this some time before December started as she gifted me a new calendar which partially solves the rut problem. A seemingly lovely lady called Sarah Raven has designed a calendar with seasonal photos on it, what to do in the garden this month for veg and what to do in the garden for flowers and a seasonal recipe for each month. All (er, some) of my problems have been solved by one glossy thing to hang on the wall! And you can write things on it that you shouldn’t forget, something I really must do more often to prevent social embarrassment.

This month’s recipe is kale and chickpea curry: chickpeas, coconut milk, onions, garlic, mushrooms, curry powder, grated ginger, lime (or squeezy lemon!) and lots of kale. What’s not to like? I don’t have a photo because I like to eat, not take pictures of hot food.

Everyone except El Famosisimo cleared their plate, EF has his preferences and chickpeas are not on the list but he also knows that you can’t always have your favourite dinner and sometimes that means that you have to pick at your least favourite dinner. Mr G loved it despite the lack of red meat on his plate and suggested that we call Thursday night Curry Night which might help focus our minds. Do you have a favourite curry recipe you could share with me?

I just looked at the calendar more carefully and saw her web address. You can still buy the calendar if you too want to have at least one meal a month written down for you and avoid social awkwardness by agreeing to do something you later realise you can’t do….. sorry to the friends I have misled.

In other news, I dropped my tweezers in the bathroom yesterday and they disappeared down the plughole of the bath as if by magic. It was one of those things you couldn’t do if you tried but today I retrieved them with the help of a torch, a knitting needle, blu-tack, insulating tape and a piece of pre-recall Magnetix. A small triumph in an otherwise ordinary day.

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September 17, 2010


Another week has slipped by and we still can’t get into a rhythm. Too many different things are happening and we can’t get a grip after months of blah. Then they delivered these

I love recycling but WTF? I now have a brown bin, a green bin, a grey bin, two green recycling boxes, a kitchen food caddy and an outdoor caddy. And I already have a composter in the back garden. The street looks as if Aliens have invaded.

Back in the normal world, school shirts need to be washed and ironed and available five days a week to avoid school folk thinking that us home edding folk don’t care about our school-going children.

The fridge is seriously lacking in lunch box foods and the cake tin is empty too so J has been taking odd and not very nourishing lunches to school this week and El Famosisimo hasn’t been eating anything. I can’t work out who is supposed to be home to eat in the evenings and Mr G is in a busy early evening property viewing cycle with clients which doesn’t help.

Home ed things got going again but we can’t seem to get our act together to go out by midday let alone 11am which is pretty weak. The only things we made it to this week were ice skating and our own little swimming appointment at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoon.

And what is going on with the darkness coming so early? I don’t mind the chill in the air but the creeping darkness bothers me.

This is the view from my back door between just before 7pm and just after 7pm on Thursday night

The first one was taken through the kitchen window and the other three through the open door. No photo-shopping or trickery: just point and shoot.

Here’s to next week being a bit smoother.

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