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December 4, 2010

How to sew FOE with your bias binding foot

I have trouble with Fold Over Elastic and gave up on it when trying to sew ‘one wet pants’ for Miss Froo when we were doing Elimination Communication with her. I could never manage to get the elastic folded properly around the edge of the fabric I was sewing and despite reading all sorts of tutorials carefully I never got the hang of it properly. I did a bit on a shirt for Miss Amoo a while back but I wasn’t really happy with it.

Then the other night I was cutting out a vest to keep my chest warm from a slinky-but-stained top my mum had abandoned at my house, I wondered if I could use my lovely bias tape foot to sew some foe on the raw arm hole edges and neck.

I got the foot out and took some pictures just in case it worked and I could share this with you

Thread the elastic into the foot nice and evenly

Add your fabric (this is my vest)

Poke the fabric right up against the midline of the foe

relax your shoulders, keep breathing and sew steadily with a long-ish stitch and a teeny weeny bit of zig zag. Don’t stretch the fabric, don’t hang on to the elastic too tightly either but do keep your fabric feeding in right up against the elastic

Well! It works! At this point I realised that I haven’t been so anxious whilst sewing for quite a while!

It turned out that I only had enough elastic to do the arm holes which meant a hiatus until further elastic was purchased. I am now wearing the vest which has survived washing and wearing with no elastic failure so far. Now that I know I can do this I will be making more winter vests as I am freeeeezing.

March 3, 2010

Hemmed in

Thank you for your name suggestions. I have googled all sorts of combinations including yours and would you believe that most of them are already the names of one product or other or very similar to others. The sling world is obsessed with snugness and snuggliness!

I am still at a loss. What about The BabyWarmer?

Aside from these name thoughts, this week has brought a glimpse of spring which then disappeared all too soon. The cold weather, the chilblains on my toes, the dampness and gloominess; work being too busy; the government tarring home educators with the abuse brush once again and the lack of open space beyond my kitchen window are leaving me feeling hemmed in at the moment.

When I stand at my sink and look to the left of the house directly behind ours which always has its wooden blinds down (so as not to see our house, I think) I see a the branches of trees whose trunks are out of sight behind fences and the house further to the left.

Even when you feel that your mind is being squeezed by so many real and imagined pressures there is always a chance that if you cock your head at the right moment you might catch sight of something pretty through an unexpected gap.

The trees are bare at the moment and the other evening
I saw a beautiful sunset through them.

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February 21, 2010


Should that be one word or two bits separated by a hyphen? Re-yoos or re-youze? Noun vs Verb?

Who knows. Anyway I knitted a pair of legwarmers for Miss Froo when she was very little and we ECd. Her bum was bare but her feet were warm-ish in wool booties and her legs were warm in legwarmers which sometimes got weed on if we missed a catch.

I have been loath to dispose of these little leggies as we called them. Partly because I knitted them and it was the first time I had used such fine yarn and the first time I had sewn rib and partly because I have problems throwing things away. I couldn’t think of anyone who I could give these to without them thinking I was more odd than they already might think and I felt sure that if they went in a charity bag then no-one would know what to do with them.

I have found their new purpose! They fit on my wrists.

This winter I have felt so cold one way and another but especially so when sitting at the computer next to our front window. After a night of relentless paperwork production my mouse hand has been icy to the touch and not a good companion to take to bed.

I squeezed my hand into the leggie and all became warm in hand world.

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January 11, 2010

Winter Chill

It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon and I have never seen so much snow in my life. I’m a southerner and when it snows on the coast it barely sticks and is quickly shooed away by the salty winds.

All the hebes in our front garden were hidden,

My veg patch disappeared,

the main road was hard to distinguish from the path and everywhere was still and quiet.

This massive snowball started life as the bottom of a snowman on Thursday, grew bigger and moved along the road on Friday

and by Saturday had been re-purposed by one of my sons and his friends into a little hidey hole. Those zebra bits on the end of her arms are quick mama-made fleece mittens

What is amazing to me is that away from the roads the snow is light and fluffy unlike snow we have had here before. Days after it fell it could still be kicked and shuffled through almost like sand which the girls loved because they could fall into it face down and not get too wet.

They are now big fans of waterproof trousers despite them being blue not pink or red and I have worn more clothes at once than I ever have. They say there is no reason why warfarin should make you feel cold but I am feeling the cold more keenly than I ever have before.

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