July 5, 2013

It Really Might be Summer Now

Last weekend we went to our first summer fete of the year. Miss Froo’s Rainbow pack (I think they are called a pack!) entered crowns fit for a Disney Princess into the 6 and 7 year old craft categories of the Radley Village Flower Show and Fete but she missed the day they decorated crowns from pre-cut templates so made her own.

It is one of those proper English things where all the entries have to be in their places by 10.30 for the judging then the public are allowed in at 1pm once the judging has been done.

Despite the jewel at the top getting lost somewhere along the journey, hers won first prize in her age group. She won a whole shiny pound coin in a little envelope!

Radley Village Fete 2013 (5) (1024x768)

There were other craft sections, with patchwork, smocking, garments, knitting and crochet, animals made from a toilet roll and a handmade oar! Then there were photos, paper crafts, floral arrangements, cakes, cheese straws, quiches, eggs, vegetables, cacti, roses and foliage.

Radley Village Fete 2013 (18) (768x1024)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (21) (768x1024)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (15) (1024x768)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (23) (1024x768)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (11) (768x1024)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (12) (768x1024)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (16) (1024x768)

Radley Village Fete 2013 (32) (1024x768)

The prize giving at the end took nearly half an hour as there were so many great entries and many won trophies of all different sizes, all named after either long standing  or fondly remembered members of the local community. Outside there were stalls and the ever important barbecue so the menfolk had their bellies filled with good meat. All in all it was a lovely way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

June 19, 2013

How to Sew an Upcycled Trouser Leg Bag – Super easy!

I’ve been doing that kind of internet browsing where you are looking for one thing that you think you like then you get distracted and end up looking at other things. This particular search started with a crossover apron that I thought might work as a dress but after a quick muslin don’t think will work. It ended up with this bag which is no longer on their website but remains on the blog

Miss Amoo saw it and wanted one. We have a pair of wild floral trousers hanging around after a friend passed them on to me because the pockets were ripped and she thought I might like the fabric for upcycling.

So here is Miss Amoo’s self-stitched version of the bag – cost £0 Free trousers and a flat kind of cord taken from a trouser waist

IMG_1913 (768x1024)

IMG_1914 (768x1024)

IMG_1915 (768x1024)

Cut 16″ of trouser leg. With right sides together, sew the raw edge closed to form the base then with right sides still together fold up 1″ or more if you want and use my easy peasy gusset method to create a gusset.

Stitch straps on the ‘back’ side of the bag close to the side seam 5″ down from the trouser hem that is the top of the bag.


She took it out shopping yesterday and managed to squeeze her charity shop finds into it easily!

May 7, 2013

Some bits of Me-Made-May

I haven’t taken photos of everything I’ve worn this week but here are a few. I feel that I am slipping into a uniform again, much like I did last year, and I like it!

I’ve worn one cardigan a lot this week. It’s number 39 from One Day Autumn Sewing which looks like this in the book

One Day Sewing Autumn

I sewed it from part of 2m+ of  herringbone wool which I found carefully folded and poking out of a neighbour’s bin bag ten years ago! I’ve been wondering what to do with it for all this time but in MMM12 I realised that I didn’t have any me made jumpers or cardigans and I thought it might suit this pattern well.


Sunday was a fail as I wore sportswear all day after doing a zumba thing at a local charity event. On Monday  I wore my old faithful denim 4 gore skirt with the same top as I wore on the first day and now it’s Tuesday already!

This is part of a dress that I’ve upcycled from a long bias cut linen mix skirt that I found at the swap shop last month. I cut the top shape using my favourite Novita pattern which is for bias then just winged the bottom half. It is a work in progress as I’ve made a pocket opening but not added the pocket and I think I want to taper it at the waist a bit so as to be a bit more fitted. Do you like the binding? I have whole skirt of this fabric that came from a jumble sale somewhere.


This is the hem


Here’s a bonus “Mum sewed this” picture of Miss Froo taken after she took my picture in the cardi.


She is in an Ottobre jersey top that I sewed for her sister years ago and still haven’t hemmed!

May 1, 2013

It’s May! Yay!

And it’s a bit sunny and warm, fancy that.

My pledge is this: ‘I, Rachel of Orange & Green sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear or carry something I sewed or upcycled each day for the duration of May 2013′

Here I am, photographed by Miss Froo who encouraged the pose! It’s a Novita top I sewed last summer, jeans that I had to cut 4″ off the hems and unseen me made undies. Someone has fiddled with the camera settings so today’s photo is a bit small.

1st May 2013