More than a little change

We have moved. From a little house to a big flat, from the countryside to the coast and from friends to the unknown.

It sort of happened all of a sudden. One thing led to another then I stuck my neck out and here we are in a rented flat. Not everyone is overjoyed or happy every day but we are loving the space we all have and liking exploring our new area and most of all seeing my Mum on a weekly basis without it being a palaver for either of us.

Here’s the view from our bedroom window.

Bedroom view

And this view from the balcony is the same thing I see from the kitchen window which is much better than what I used to see

Balcony View

We’re on the second floor which is the top floor here and it was a struggle getting all our stuff upstairs those first few days. We thought we’d never get to the point where we didn’t count each of the 26 steps but now we bound up them all without even thinking about them as a struggle.

We haven’t moved for 12 years and it’s been difficult sorting through our accumulated stuff then choosing and deciding and letting things go. I talked to myself very sternly and took bags of fabric to the recycling centre. We made numerous visits to the charity shop and the shoe bins at the Clarks shop.  I now have a much smaller stash of fabric to be upcycled and odd scraps that might be useful. Most of what I have kept fits into the built in cupboard in the hallway and I have the sewing machine right next to it so that keeps everything together a bit better than it used to be. What I need to do now is sew more!

One Comment to “More than a little change”

  1. Finally catching up with people’s blogs…

    Good luck on the ‘relocation’. Hope you have a very happy time there and make lots of good friends. x

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