View of My Table

Anyone who has ever been in my house will have seen that the kitchen table is always covered with painting or food or glasses or yesterday’s dinner plates and therefore not a place I can sit and sew at all. The girls do create there and when the table is laid for dinner they always whinge about having to clear their stuff away which results in the bit of the table closest to the wall having things ‘stored’ on it instead of being put away.

I am only confessing this as Minnado has suggested a ‘View of My Table’ project for 2013. One photo per week is not too much for me to remember so I’ve joined the Flickr group and uploaded a picture of my sewing cabinet as it looked on Sunday evening. One down, fifty one to go!

As Minnado says of her table ” The table has so many functions that I though  it could be a fun series of photos which in a sideways manner would reflect life and crafting over the year.  Let’s see if I can keep this up for a year!”

Will you join in? Any table will do: bedside table, kitchen table, crafting table, coffee table….. just a way to see what you do in that space as the seasons turn and life changes.

My sewing cabinet came from Dorset and was collected en route to a  small adventure a few years ago. You can read about that here. I rarely fold the machine down into the base and pull the lid up from the back to cover it so it is always theoretically sewing-ready! That doesn’t stop anyone putting things in front of the machine or piling books up to the left of the machine though and at times it takes me five minutes to get everything off it and put away to be able to sew.

Here’s my picture for this week. It’s mitten time again and it only took me five minutes to clear the top and re-thread the machine to start sewing replacement mittens for Miss Froo as hers were wet after playing in the snow. It turns out that her hands re now the same size as Miss Amoo’s were two years ago so i didn’t need to trace her hand to get a good fit. My sewing fleece mitten tutorial is here





3 Comments to “View of My Table”

  1. Great idea! My work space seems to be covered with a horrible multi-media mess that i don’t want to share, That’s such a classic looking machine.

  2. It may look horrible to you now but it might look different in a month or so! If you join the group you’ll be able to remember that change in a more visual way! This machine is a beauty to see and to use. 🙂 Seeing the photo I realised that from where I sit I don’t usually notice the light hanging down at the back instead of being bolted on properly! Perhaps’ I’ll do something about that……

  3. Oh, no. Wish I’d seen this before I made the kids clear the table earlier. Ours would have looked so good lol… 😉 My new years resolution (not that I really do that sort of thang) is to try to have a clear table at the end of each day (or every couple of days). Not entirely clear, but just clear enough so that when we get up in the morning and feel like we want to start a project or do a bit of crafting, or (bizarrely) just eat at the table, it is there, all fresh and spacious and ready-to-go. Otherwise the thought of clearing it *before* starting just makes me grumpy and resistant.

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