Thinking about doing is a good thing

There has been sewing here but somehow I haven’t got round to posting any pictures.

As usual there has also been more thinking about sewing than actually sewing too. And thinking about all sorts of other things. I’ve always been kind of frustrated by the disparity between the quantity and ease of thinking and the difficulty in transforming this into activity in many areas of my life but this week I’ve made peace with it.

How many people don’t have the luxury to be endlessly creative in their heads without having to actually do the thing they have thought about? If I did this for a proper job I couldn’t spend days and nights daydreaming about a skirt or a top or wrist warmers or a clean floor then not sew it or knit it or clean it, could I?

The world is now full of non-creative thinking: it’s all competing facts and figures, analysis and argument, too much criticism and not enough creativity. Perhaps I should go like my Nan and have no tv and switch to Radio 3 so as to avoid the madness of the world round and about. That’s a bit drastic though!


One Comment to “Thinking about doing is a good thing”

  1. I think part of the issue is that we are encouraged to believe (through schooling? Expectations of parenthood?) that it’s all about having a PRODUCT. If we haven’t actually PRODUCED something then obviously whatever we’ve been doing has been a waste of time. My daily priorities are often based on what activity will give maximum ( and obvious)rresults. Yet in truth I know that the stuff that isn’t obviously producing something tangible or useful is the stuff that keeps us sane 🙂

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