May? Really?

I had all sorts of intentions for Me-Made-May and they have all fallen by the wayside due to inclement weather. (Cough)

I am still wearing wool skirts, jeans, thrifted jumpers, my usual long sleeved tees and me-made undies…nothing new there!

A friend happened upon a yarn swap quite by chance and ended up with a very large ball of yarn with a simple sweater pattern printed on the inside of the paper band. She is now knitting the sweater and it looks like she’ll get plenty of wear out of it this year if she finishes it this week. I, on the other hand, have a skirt ready to hem that I can’t be bothered to hem as It doesn’t look like I’ll be wearing it til July at least!

I bought Sewing Modkid Style the other week after hearing tankini, library card and shoes one to many times from Miss Amoo. See likes to pick a few things that she wants right now but I can’t provide and keep talking about them  for them every hour or so until my head pops.

I solved the shoe problem as soon as the ones she wanted arrived on sale thanks to a tip off from a lovely lady in the Clarks shop. The library card has been a source of argument for ages as we are persona non grata at the local library and we have fines as long as your arm already in 3 kids names without adding more in her name.

The tankini thing was more tricky though as daily perusal of the Next website my Miss Amoo resulted in nothing but indecision and rows with Miss Froo over patterns and styles. Enter Mama and a bit of googling for tankini sewing patterns. Jalie have a few but I don’t need a kid to adult size pattern so the cost plus p+p is a bit steep. Then I found that  Sewing Modkid Style had a tankini pattern as well as t-shirts, dresses, easy to wear skirts and things she could sew herself in sizes that will fit her and her sister and all for only £11 with paper patterns!

So I have a stripy swimsuit fabric she liked from Etsty and cherry red FOE cut and ready to go but I keep missing a gap between raindrops to go out the caravan and bring the overlocker indoors. I’ll add it to my teux deux list for tomorrow and get back to you if it doesn’t rain again.


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