To. Do.

I have only one thing to say this week and that is this:

Lists will never be lost or forgotten ever again. I have got more done this week than I did last week because I am keeping track of what I need to do instead of forgetting and then remembering again when I go to bed at night!

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4 Comments to “To. Do.”

  1. Thought at first it was just for iphone, but when I realised I could stick it on my laptop I downloaded it. Gives me a great excuse to do my list-making procrastination thing, even when I’m on the computer 🙂

  2. Yuo are tempting me to have a try Rachel, though I don’t have a phone that has apps. And could this create another distraction>? I am a list-making addict. I even like drawing little tick boxes down the side of my lists. Yes, I am square, I know. xx

    • I don’t have a phone that can use apps either; mine can barely get texts! I use the online version and have added it to my bookmarks toolbar so I can just click on it and see what I need to be doing instead of looking at blogs or newspapers or pinterest…..

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