Still no Sewing

Well this must be a record. I still haven’t sewn anything or taken the lid off the machine. I’ve been doing to some tidying up today and sorting through the machine drawers so I’ll be better organised when I clear all the mess and get the thing out again.

Mr G and I had a good time at his cousin’s James Band themed Forty-Tenth party. Thank goodness it was obvious that I was Miss Moneypenny in my 60s green coat with gold knit dress underneath, these glasses, pearls and an organge-y headscarf! I already had a very retro brown leather handbag so when I saw these shoes I knew they would finish the outfit perfectly. Feast your eyes on these:

I have small feet and have never ever found any second hand shoes that fit me let alone ones that look as good as these. It turns out that I can dance in 3″ heels more easily than I can walk in them which made for a fun night.


3 Comments to “Still no Sewing”

  1. Isn’t it crazy that is is easier to dance in heels than walk? (BTW those are fun shoes.) And I am sure you have a good excuse for not sewing, perhaps you are running out of needles?

  2. I’ve got hand sewing needles though which is why I’ve just hand-hemmed Mr G’s new trousers whilst watching tv. Necessary but not too creative!

  3. Great shoes. Love the sound of the outfit. xx

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