No Sewing

There has been no sewing since 18th February when I put the machine under her lid to make one more usable surface available in the living room in readiness for The Party.

Said surface has since been covered with more things than it is easy to find new homes for quickly so the machine remains hidden and my sewing dreams are becoming more vivid.


I read this today in some research about sports shoes vs barefoot (a link from a link from facebook…) and I wondered how many other things this might apply to?

(There is) a tendency in humans to be less cautious when using new devices of unknown benefit because of overly positive attitudes associated with new technology and novel devices.

This is pretty isn’t it? No new devices here! Art from twigs, thread and toilet roll tubes.

Miss Froo and I had a busy day on Thursday fixing odd jobs around the house and garden that needed hammers and cable clips and curtain hooks and garden shears. Then we made those toilet roll flowers and tried to make a purse from a juice carton which was rather less successful than we had hoped. If we manage to make one that actually works, I’ll let you know.


One Comment to “No Sewing”

  1. I like the toilet roll art. Very pretty. I have the instructions for making a wallet/purse from the cuffs on a man’s shirt. I can send it your way if you like? Just email me if you’d like it. It’s in a book so i d have to photocopy and post the old fashioned way. 🙂

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