The day is over so this is yesterday’s news

She’s already thinking about turning 10 which just makes my head spin.

This big girl used to be a tiny weeny girl with size 3 red wellies

J took her to town today to buy a cake and some books and it poured with rain so hard when they were out that they called El Famosisimo to pick them up in his car and drive them home. She came through the door soaked but beaming, flanked by two big brothers who had humoured their little sister on her special day.

We knew that it was a special day as she has been talking about it for about six months. Now the day has passed but we are stretching it out by having a party later today and making a birthday weekend of it.

Now we just need to wait for Miss Froo’s birthday which is due in September which despite her wish for it to be next week is actually a whole spring and summer away. Thinking about summer makes me yearn for a day without needing to wear something woolly but I must wish my life away!

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2 Comments to “Nine”

  1. Oh, congratulations and celebrations…!

  2. Nine – what an exciting age – happy belated birthday. Her brothers sound very patient! My son is nine next week. Love the cute red welly pic.

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