It must be nearly spring? Surely? I see snowdrops and the start of daffs too round here and they are small signs aren’t they?

I was hoping to get a box with new compression stockings in it today as I’ve got a party to go to and I need a ‘skin’ coloured stocking to wear with the ‘James Bond’ dress code. During the winter I wear a black stocking and match it with a black sock on the other leg or with a random sock that no-one can see under a long skirt or trousers. This is not a good look with a dress, high heels and a bare right leg.

I ordered new stockings last week and for the first time ever, Juzo made a mistake with my order and sent me the wrong ones. My current stockings are getting a bit slack and that makes me feel less comfortable than I would like. If they can be put on and taken off without a struggle then they’re past their prime. If I approach anything like Nora Batty wrinkles in the stocking I get more pain because the blood that should go back to my heart gets stuck in my leg.

The postman came and he had this box, not a stocking box. Good and bad news!

I haven’t opened it yet but having received a box like this last year from the Potato Council I can tell you that there are probably six seed potatoes in there and two black potato growing sacks along with a load of blurb about how to engage school children with potato growing. Last year we grew a good few dinner’s worth of potatoes and tipping the bags out and hunting for the potatoes is like finding treasure in dirt.

The bags will be parked in the garden and filled with compost that will need to be scraped out of the bottom of the compost tardis but the garden is a total mess at the moment and I think I need to make a trip to the dump before I can show you any pictures of anything out there!

Hopefully the stockings will arrive tomorrow.


5 Comments to “Potatoes”

  1. Happy Spring! Happy Potatoes! I had to wear compression stockings when I was pregnant and I remember the daily struggle to just get them on.

  2. There are just 31 days until Spring. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

  3. I admire your restraint in not opening the box! I’m a sucker for opening parcels as soon as they arrive even if I know what it is as there’s still an element of surprise sometimes!

    Hope the stockings turn up soon! Are you going to be a villain or a goodie?

  4. The stockings did arrive today and who’d have thought I would love the sight of beige elasticated thingies quite so much!

    I’m not sure on the Bond thing at all. You’ve met me Mimi, and I think you can see that I probably can’t pull off a Bond girl kind of look so it might have to be a 70s incarnation of Moneypenny or just a black velvet dress with some bling.

  5. I think you would make a great 70s Moneypenny! I like her style. Potato Council? i never knew it even existed, I just realised I missed our local Potato Day. I really want to try growing some this year in sack or tub – any tips welcome..

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