New Year Sewing

We’ve had a busy afternoon with friends with lots of eating after a pretty long walk which was a good way to spend the day.

I was browsing Pinterest ( you have a lot to answer for analog lady!) and saw a pillowcase bag from Martha Stewart’s crafty summer things. Looking at photos of summer sewing stuff was a bit distracting but I got a summery pillowcase out of the drawer and sewed one up.

I didn’t like the idea of a knot on my shoulder so I cut the thing in half from 3″ from the corner instead of right at the corner. In hindsight I did my maths wrong and should have only gone an inch or two in as I have a very wide strap and a relatively deep and narrow bag…

I used my trusty narrow hem foot to finish the diagonal edges to save getting the iron out to press and turn then turn again.

Here’s the finished bag with a square bottom to add a bit more room and shorten the darned thing. The button is there to hold the loose inside diagonal bit which makes a kind of handy-ish pocket inside.

And best of all this was a job that left very little waste so there wasn’t much to tidy up:

What you see above is tiny trimmings from both ends of the pillowcase, the triangle ends left after sewing the gusset and the flappy bit inside that holds the pillow in. As the pillowcase only cost 50p from the YMCA shop last year this was a thrifty make in all senses. the larger piece of leftovers might become something else soon so I’ll keep it in the drawer and throw away the little strips. When I’ve done that I must go to bed and *NOT* look at Pinterest again tonight.


4 Comments to “New Year Sewing”

  1. nice bag! (and now i want a narrow hem foot…) 🙂

  2. Hee hee, it is highly addictive at first. Hope you come down soon.

  3. P.S. The bag is very cute and clever and I envy that vintage narrow hemmer foot. Is there a pinterest page for sewing machine attachments?

    • The narrow hem foot is a godsend for odd little jobs that need a quick solution! I came by mine in the box of feet that came with my machine but I see them on ebay every now and then. There is a yahoo group for Singer Attachments if you ever get really into them.

      I started looking at Pinterest when you first blogged about it but I couldn’t register straight away which was probably a good thing.

      I have a little skim of the ‘everything’ page every day and that has been a great way to ‘waste’ far too much time…. so I’ve decided to actually DO some of the things I see rather than just look at them. SO far this year I’ve sewn this bag and made a neat little box for a gift so it’s going well 🙂

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