2011 is almost packed up and put away. The tree is still up though and the stars are still shining outside albeit with one larger area of dark matter becoming apparent following a quick repair to enable a further six stars to light up. (Cut off light bulb, strip wires, twist together again and apply some tape. What do you mean I should have soldered the wires?! Having an electrical engineer in training here is putting a damper on my happy-go lucky electrical solutions!)

I love the possibilities that the New Year brings and every year I hope that we will be contented, healthy and all move forward in positive ways. This year we are still hopeful but also sure that unpredictable times lie ahead in many areas of our lives. I think we will have to make sure we do things that make us happy to balance out the other bits but sometimes life is like that.

There have been a lot of good times this year as well as a few bad ones here and there and these are some pictures that trigger good memories for me.


2 Comments to “Well”

  1. Happy New Year Rachel! Hope we can meet up again in 2012, spring rag market trip??

  2. Happy New Year. Hope the new changes bring good with the not so good!

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