Well it’s getting ever closer now… We have been working on the tree and a few decorations but that’s it so far because I have yet to find the box containing the tinsel.

Here’s how it started on Monday afternoon

It is a simple origami folded thing from here . This year the tree is double spread of newspaper wide and three pages long. Then we plastered it with old envelopes and flour/water paste.

It was painted this very green shade on Tuesday and is looking much drier and stiffer now. The tree has already suffered some damage from being under the soaf so this will need a minor corner repair at some point! (It’s the picture that is fuzzy, not your eyesight)

Miss Amoo went to a home ed thing with friends the other week and came home with some lovely crafty things including this little fabric decoration

Hers has 2-3″ squares and a ribbon on top which looks great and I thought I might have something somewhere to do something similar. In all my tidying up of late I found a bag of 1″ squares that I cut last Christmas and the year before to make little scrappy wreaths with a home ed groups we go to. I didn’t want to make wreaths again so I’ve made these:

They’re blutacked to the back of this little door and I might sew some more tonight if I can drag myself away from doing nothing. It really feels like it’s time to hibernate and my whole self is slowing down as everyone else is revving up. Never mind.


2 Comments to “Closer”

  1. The desire to do nothing does seem to be in direct conflict with the encroaching holiday madness.

  2. Yep, could quite happily turn up the electric fire, get a couple of books and some rubbish tv and ignore the dog sat at the front door wanting to go out.

    Love the fabric decs – we’ve got some too!

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