Time to talk

Today when Miss Froo was at her Dreamweavers drama group (the only thing she does that is big sister-free) Miss Amoo and I went to the post office to return the boots of the previous post then went to the cafe at Pegasus Theatre They have an amazing wire tree which starts on the ground floor and ends up almost reaching the roof. The tree has coloured circles of perspex growing on its branches some of which are engraved with messages and inspiring quotes. We had a drink and a big fat slice of shortbread and read some of the bubbles that were close to our table.

We are four weeks into the Dreamweavers thing and I have found that this time with Miss Amoo has been strange and welcome as it gives her time to say something without having to shout over her sister or have her sister contradict her or say that she also wants the same things. I love how close they are but I do also want to give them opportunities to be themselves and not a lump of FrooAmoo or AmooFroo depending on who is more forceful at any given moment. Some people might (and sometimes do) argue that if they were at school they would be more individual but we don’t think that is the answer. As they get older their desires and needs will change and they will find paths they want to walk together and others to show each other but for now they spend significantly more time together than apart which is special.

Today in these peaceful moments walking and talking then sitting and watching, Moo told me two things that need some action on my part. She would like to learn to draw better as her portraits of different people are starting to all look the same and she thinks that a denim belt with a button on it would be good to hold her trousers up. I’ll do what I can to help her with both these things.

Tomorrow Miss Froo and I will be home alone as Moo is off to a friend’s house for the afternoon. Froo is sure to have some things that she wants me to do for her too and we may have time to do them before her sister gets home!


One Comment to “Time to talk”

  1. Lovely post. I’ve been thinking the same recently. How to get each child just a little bit of time for me to focus on just them.

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