The caravan of delights

Well, it’s here and we’ve been investigating every crevice.

The caravan has a cooker, a two ring gas hob, a grill, a fridge, a sink, a porta potti, a wardrobe, cutlery and kitchen utensils, plates, cups, saucers, eggcups, pots and pans, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, sheets, power cables, gas tanks, toilet cleaners, an awning and inner tent for the awning, a mallet and pegs, an old style camp bed, water carriers, coat hangers, extra cushions, wing mirror extensions thingies…. and more

Having found all this stuff I have been wondering about the previous owners and what happened to make them decide to leave all this in the van because they were never going to use it again. I hope they don’t have too many regrets and there wasn’t too much sadness.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea

70s sleeping bag! Deja-vu anybody?

more cups and stuff

extra curtains that don’t seem to fit anywhere

more retro plates

I have an idea to make a poncho out of one of the crazy sleeping bags and some large fabric baskets with handles to fit under the benches to keep my fabric in. *If* we ever go away with the van I can make a second set of baskets to put our camping stuff in. Having seen everything that is in the van I am really tempted to get a towbar on the car, get new tyres for the caravan and plan a getaway for the spring. Even Mr G is slightly tempted by this idea…..

Today the girls had a friend over and they played out there for nearly two hours without any props or toys at all. I went out there the other night to measure up some more bits and it started pouring with rain so I stayed put instead of getting wet coming back indoors. I closed the blinds and the curtains, lay on one of the seats in my puffa jacket and closed my eyes for half an hour of peace and quiet listening to the rain. I was out there so long that Mr G came out and lay down too. He has a white noise app that sounds like rain on a roof so he loved it.


4 Comments to “The caravan of delights”

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve found a getaway without actually going anywhere, bonus! Love the 70s print on everything, looks like a proper time capsule. Have fun exploring!

  2. That takes me back to my childhood! All I need now is the smell of damp and the sight of horizontal rain and buffetted seagulls out of a plastic window to complete the picture.

    I think our old caravan curtains ended up as tank tops for me and my sister. Terry towling green and yellow flowers if I remember correctly. I’m permanently scarred.

  3. You’re just making me more jealous. The 70’s plates, a bit of solitude and the sound of rain all sound divine.

  4. Can I come and lie down and have a nap in your caravan? Sounds so so peaceful. I love the orange floral plates. Actually going on a trip in the caravan sounds like a great idea.

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