I have done a crazy thing

Many will say that this is not unusual but it counts as one of the more crazy in my own mind…. I’ve bought a caravan!

From thinking about it on Friday night to buying it today and having it delivered tomorrow this is also one of the fastest decisions ever made in this house bar the sewing of emergency party bags or winter ponchos.

The thing that promoted such madness was the forlon deep voice of El Famosisimo on Friday night telling us that he misses us and wishes that he could live with us all again. He moved out a couple of months ago to share a flat with some friends but it isn’t working out for him. He really only moved because the offer of a bedroom to himself was too tantalising to refuse and the folks he was to share with work nights whilst he works days. It might have worked all but for the fact that my boy is a very loving and sociable chap who has yet to yearn quite enough for peace and solitude.

We miss him, the girls miss him, his brother misses him. This is all normal but it is a bit more painful because Mr G and I feel that we are terrible parents for not being able to give him his own space. We know that we have given him a lot of other things but this we have failed on quite spectacularly.

When he first decided to go I was hopeful that he would be happy but seeing that he isn’t prompted some mad brain storming that led to the caravan search. We have a driveway at the back of our house which can hold such a vehicle as an extra living room. As the idea permeated my every moment I began thinking that I could move my whole fabric stash out of the house into it; I could keep the overlocker in it instead of under the kitchen table; I could sew in it and of course EF could use it as his living room with his tv and record player and books and stuff. What a perfect solution!

So after measuring the driveway in the dark last night (available space 19ft x 10ft) today I went to have a look at this retro 1980s beauty.

She is all old fashioned and cool all at once in a way that makes me want to bring her home so that no-one else has her and gets rid of the cushion covers and the flowery wallpaper in the toilet. At only 12ft long and just under 7ft wide she will fit on the driveway just nicely and we should still be able to get in and out of the garden and to the shed! Mr G had a fleeting concern about what the neighbours will think but frankly I don’t give a damn. Collectively they have hemmed us in with conservatories and extensions, my sunsets will never be the same again and many of the plants I have nurtured can no longer withstand car wheels driving over them on a daily basis so I’m not fussed about their opinions at all.

There is ton of space under the seats, a wardrobe, a toilet room that we probably wont use so could have shelves in it, eye level cupboards and a sink, a grill, hob, oven, fridge, heaters… I peeked in one of the cupboards and found a set of melamine cups and saucers so goodness knows what else there will be to find once we go mad in it tomorrow.

So I am going outside now to clear all the bikes and scooters off the drive to make way for our new room to arrive tomorrow.

(unrelated picture of the week)
Look what they did to my eggs!

In other news, Miss Amoo has read a previously untried recipe, weighed out all the ingredients and baked her own biscuits – twice. Every now and again she does something like this that makes me wonder at how she has learned so much all by herself without me needing to make her do homework or fight to get her to school. She even allowed Miss Froo to assist her with the more menial baking tasks such as getting the ingredients off the shelves and getting the baking trays ready without it ending up as a shouting fest.

So many possibilities! I’m not going to be pushing the girls into any competitive baking or buying a towbar just yet though!


4 Comments to “I have done a crazy thing”

  1. Seems like a brilliantly crazy thing to do. Actually, this is one of my dreams: to have a little camper to “play house” in. And you gotta love those cushions!

  2. It seems like a sensible solution to the space problem, not crazy at all. Will EL still be able to sleep inside the house?
    Have you seen this caravan makeover? http://fairysteps.blogspot.com/2011/07/ready-for-off.html We have a similiar 1980s caravan bought from a neighbour and parked at our buildingsite. I would love to remake it inside but haven’t yet, who knows if I ever will. It is great for the kids to play in and I have shifted excess board games and jigsaws over to it with some colouring and drawing stuff. My other half and son go and have boys’ sleepovers in it at weekends. I don’t think it would actually go very far if it ws towed anywhere! Good luck with the caravan plans. x

  3. Wow! How fab!

    Very envious. Maybe I should threaten dh with this as a solution? (Having dropped hints for years about converting his concrete junk store – I mean garage – into an extra room, unsuccessfully)

  4. Welcome home El F, I’m really pleased for you all.

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