We were away and then we came back. The fruit is the at home bit and there has been sewing too… look out for the soon to be published post entitled “When a metre just isn’t enough”


2 Comments to “Time”

  1. Lovely photos – where did you go?? And the fruit – are you making jelly? I know that “When a metre isn’t enough” problem very well! I am always tryign to squeeze sewing out of too small pieces of fabric.
    Thank you for the commetn you left – I did laugh as I feel distinctly un-glam! Full of pregnancy niggles and aches, I do literally ccrawl up the stairs to bed some nights. 🙂 Hope all is good with you.

    • We are ok, thanks. A few days away was a treat and it was good to do nothing for a while and not think about working. We went to Aberdovey in Wales for three days and we saw the beach, Dolgoch Falls which is where the moss covered hill was, some pretty market towns and some grim ones and some amazing hills and mountains. The lake is Tal-y-llyn and it really is this beautiful to look at: we had to stop the car and just gawp at the view!

      The upturned stool with muslin and curtain rings arrangement is holding crab apple juice which we managed to make 6 jars of jelly from over three days and nights of chopping, boiling, straining and boiling again with sugar. We found an abundant crap apple tree on a path not far from our house so we made several trips to pick and gather apples on consecutive days. The jelly is delicious and good with cheeses and meats but not sweet enough to put on buttered toast!

      Have you got a yoga ball? I found that sitting on one of those in the evening helped as I could rock about on it a bit and not get too stiff. That and a lot of hot showers…

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