Another skirt

Well what with the unexpected hot weather I’ve had to cave in and wear a different skirt today.

This is a self-drafted four gore skirt, a self-stitched Made By Rae Spring Top without the ruffles and, of course, self-stitched undies.

I’ve enjoyed thinking harder about what I wear this month although I haven’t managed to sew any new items for my wardrobe at all. I think October may bring more new garments but I still feel pulled by my uniform habit and lack of urge to have hundreds or even tens of different garments to wear and store somewhere. I blogged about this last year and my feelings are broadly still the same. I am thinking about replacement items rather than new ones and some of my long sleeved t-shirts are definitely looking towards retirement due to spillages that are not resolved by magical washing products. I will be looking for nice knits in Birmingham next Saturday for sure.

In other news, I have been peeling, coring and slicing apples with a fantastic new gadget and have boxes of frozen apple purée in the freezer to show for it as well as some apple rings hanging on thread in the airing cupboard to see if they dehydrate ok.

Miss Froo is covered in chickenpox which she has already shared with a neighbour despite us not knowing who shared them with her in the first place. As a result we have been going out to places where there are no people to infect and we have seen some beautiful days.

Autumn is on its way.


5 Responses to “Another skirt”

  1. You’re so fab to make all these clothes! Wish I could be minimalist with clothes – I have far too many in my wardrobe!

    I have stuff for work (which when it gets a bit worn out becomes usual day stuff), I have stuff for weddings/funerals (fewer weddings these past years and more funerals) which I simply can’t afford to throw out and buy again and then I have stuff that I actually like to wear (most of which should have been thrown out long ago because it is knackered and frumpish).

    Sometimes I wish I could buy – or make – stylish tasteful clothes that actually fit and last (unlike the cheap tat that I buy that is trashed within weeks).

  2. It really looks like a perfect skirt though – I bet it goes with heaps of tops – love the top you are wearing with it – what an Indian summer photo if ever there was one!

    Look forward to meeting you next weekend!!

  3. the skirt looks like the kind of basic I could really use myself. Hope the pox is over soon!


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