I’ve Been Mostly Wearing the Skirt

I think I have worn the grey wrap skirt of the previous post almost every day with a selection of jumpers, t-shirts, fave tops, vests and waistcoats. It hasn’t been exciting but it has fitted the bill weather-wise.

Self-stitched September has revealed some large gaps in my warm clothing collection. I need to sew some long sleeved shirts and some more woolly, or thicker, cardis and waistcoats. I have one of Mr G’s old jumpers ready-shrunk to cut into something warm and some wool I bought last year that I might sew another skirt from.

I have been itching to sew something from a new book I bought with some birthday money from my mum. I’ve been wanting to buy it for a while then it was out of stock and I was dithering about buying it from YesAsia or not. I love Japanese patterns as they are made for smaller people with a small bust. I have never had to adjust a Japanese pattern to get it to fit me, which is a joy!

Have any of you sewn anything from this book?

Another bit of birthday money was enough for anew bike rack and panniers that I found in Lidl at a ridiculously cheap price. Here I am with my capacious new panniers on my ancient bike with ancient basket in the skirt and jumper – again – and in front of our petrol guzzling family car. I am trying to use it less so being able to carry more on my bike is a good thing although the car does come in handy for carting all six of us about or lift-sharing with other families to get to home ed things.

Mmmm what shall I wear tomorrow?


2 Comments to “I’ve Been Mostly Wearing the Skirt”

  1. I’ve got that book too! I’ve made a few things from it: the wrap a line skirt, the cardigan with frilly sleeves and one of the tunic / dresses near the beginning. Lovely patterns aren’t they and they are simple to make too. Look forward to seeing what you make!

  2. That skirt looks uber useful– you can even bike in it. I don’t have that book, but I am thinking that what I need are some more of those types of easy fitting separates.

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