What are the scores then?

Monday 5th
ss undies, ss grey wrap skirt, thrifted t-shirt, thrifted grey Gap cardi
Self-stitched 2 Thrifted 2.

Tuesday 6th
ss undies ss grey wrap skirt, purchased long sleeved t-shirt, upcycled waistcoat
Self stitched 2 and a half Purchased 1.

Wednesday 7th
Sportswear (none of it self-stitched at all!) then later, ss fave top v2, thrifted trousers and jacket to garden party
Self-Stictched 1 thrifted 2

Thursday 8th
ss undies, ss fave top v2, ss new look blue trousers, ancient brown jumper
Self-stitched 3 Purchased 1

Friday 9th
ss undies, ss grey wrap skirt, thrifted cardi, purchased t-shirt
Self-stitched 2 Purchased 1 Thrifted 1

Saturday 10th
ss undies, ss grey wrap skirt, angora hoodie (rescued from house clearance rubbish bag), purchased t-shirt
Self-stitched 2 Purchased 1 rescued 1

Sunday 11th
ss undies, ss grey wrap skirt, ss vest, ss fave top v1, thrifted cardi.
Self-stitched 4 Thrifted 1

This week I have been mostly wearing a grey skirt. We were away this weekend and it was so easy to just pack two tops, two jumpers and some underwear (including leggings) in a small bag and know that I had most weather possibilities covered. I like putting the same thing on each day and this skirt goes with anything. I can wear it with t-shirts, fave tops, jumpers, crocs or boots and it looks ok.

You may have noticed that I am listing pants and vests above but no bra. I am a 34AAA, if not even less, and I can’t bear being strapped into something round my ribcage to make my boobs look bigger or smoother or whatever. I am not ashamed of my chest or feel the need to hide it but I do find it hard to make some things fit which is irksome. The shift dress I plan to sew as a winter tunic has long hip to bust point-ish darts and I’m dithering over moving them or leaving them. I’ve done a muslin and the darts don’t look to excessively pointy so after the Sorbetto bust palaver I think I will just leave them where they are.

Here is today’s score:
purchased undies (eek!), ss grey wrap skirt, ss vest, rescued hoodie.
Self-stitched 2 Purchased 1 Rescued 1

Photo credit Miss Amoo- they are getting better! Did you notice the slight Fast Show reference? Check out Jesse’s diets or Jesse’s fashion tips.


9 Comments to “What are the scores then?”

  1. I really like that skirt, basic but also a classic color and shape. Ha ha, I belong to the small busted group too. I often make narrower bust darts so I don’t have empty poof.

  2. I love the skirt too…I also like to wear the same things every day. I have a large, and partly old collection of strappy vest tops that I wear everyday with a cardi.
    I love that so many of your clothes are hand made…that is the next thing I would like to learn how to do.
    I happen to fall in to the, more than my fair share ogf bust, category. Trust me, its no easier, esp when you are short!

  3. Really impressed by your thriftiness.

    Must post about my recent wedding thriftiness – trying to kit us all out for under a tenner (not MY wedding, you understand, we are just the guests).

    I used to have no bust. Now I have more than enough to share around. So much so, that I had to invest in a proper bra (i.e. not cheap Matalan tat) the other day just so I could rediscover my belly. Now I just need to do the same for my belly so I can see my feet 🙂

  4. p.s. meant to say I love the skirt.

  5. Looking very good and a strong sss and thrifted wardrobe!! I think I’d like a versatile skirt like yours. It’s a perfect concept, like you say.

  6. So when are you going to start doing sewing lessons for us HE adults? (Might be a little earner on the side)

    God knows this let’s-botch-it-somehow seamstress could always do with a few pointers.

  7. The skirt was easy to sew once I’d done the maths on six gores to cover one and a half times my (post-partum) waist and hip measurement. It originally had a self-fabric waist tie but this was bulky so I changed it for a grosgrain strip which enclosed the raw top edge and had long ties. These were too slippy though so I cut the long bits off and it now closes with poppers.

    When I changed the waist band I also removed half of one of the gores and adjusted the fit at the back to accommodate a bit of sway back. Tweaking fit is one of the things I like about sewing my own clothes!

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