How did that happen? Where has this year gone?

The house is tidy and I can walk from the front door to the kitchen without treading on or over anything. This is something of a miracle as the house has fallen to rack and ruin over the past few weeks and things had got quite ridiculous.

Of course this didn’t happen by magic and it was prompted by the last minute planning of a 5th birthday party for Miss Froo. She has been planning a pirate party ever since we went to a history workshop about the Georgians and their piratical ways in May. We managed to walk the plank in the garden, make treasure boxes, hunt for treasure, stick about 4 tattoos on each child who came and eat plenty of cake. My understairs cupboard is jammed closed and there is a lot of recyclable stuff in the wrong bin outside but hey ho. It was either that or everyone would have had to find a bit of clear floor to stand on all afternoon and give up on the idea of sitting down at all.

I have been sewing but it hasn’t been exciting. I dithered over what to do with the super-wide lapels on the black and white dress and ended up inpicking them then sewing them back on but with a good three inches of width taken off. I wore it with proper ladies’ shiny shoes to Mr G’s Auntie and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary party and I was not under dressed in the slightest!

Then I sewed another Fave Top out of some (new!) dark patterned jersey for a sombre occasion and the shoes got their second outing in a week.

I have signed up to So Zo’s Self Stitched September and promised to wear more than just self-stitched underwear every day. Oh, you know what I mean: more self-stitched items than just underwear….! I need to sew some more trousers and I really want to make a wool tunic which I think will be good for layering as it gets cooler. I saw this one ages ago and it spoke to me. It is almost waistcoat time again too and I might add a new one to my collection of two although it might be upcycled or refashioned rather than completely self-stitched.

Getting to the sewing machine might be problematic for a day or two as it is hidden in its cabinet and the girls have commandeered the lid as office space for their fledgeling news broadcast service. Items recorded today included the announcement of lost teeth in Tooth News and also the death of a neighbourhood cat complete with interviews with ‘residents’ who knew her (having only one eye makes a cat pretty easily identifiable). It always surprises me that they can go for weeks without picking up the camera then all of a sudden find something they really want to record for ever and ever.

Today I am wearing a Next t-shirt and my own New Look 6190 trousers with bought undies (shock horror!) Self-stitched 1 purchased 2


7 Comments to “September?”

  1. How nice to see a pic of you! I haven’t seen one before – so I feel like saying “Hello”. The dress looks very lovely. Glad you are doing SS Sept too.
    I love the sound of the news broadcasts. And the pirate party!

    • I’ve been incognito online for a long time due to a mad ex but I thought it was a bit much to talk about this dress without a picture! This is my semi-serious face which makes Mr G think he might be married to my mum!

  2. Oooh you have been busy! Envious of your crafting. Am considering making my own clothes with a glue gun…

    • Oh don’t be so hard on yourself. Go back and look at the posts you did about the t-shirts. That was good sewing you know. 🙂 Keep looking on the bright side!

      • lol.
        Not totally disheartened yet. But my marriage to the sewing machine is rather rocky at the moment (no doubt it’s because I haven’t been giving it enough TLC).

        I have some kids’ clothes that need repairing/altering for a wedding in a week or so, so I may need to undergo sewing machine marriage guidance. Or just a large glass of wine.

  3. Also lovely to see you! And that is a fabulous dress. Enjoy the self stitched septembering!!

  4. Hi, It’s always nice when a headless person suddenly has a face! And what a fabulous dress too.

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