When I was about eight years old I had a wooden shape-thing in a cardboard box which had triangles and pointy diamond pieces which could all be put together in lots of different ways to make different patterns. I think this was around the same time I got a little weaving loom and was interested in those 80s nail and yarn pictures people used to have and I loved them all.

I’ve been looking for one for Miss Amoo because I thought it might be something she might like too and I finally found one – albeit a lot smaller than the one I used to have.

Here are some of the different designs she and I have made this week while the thing has been on the table. Only two are mine

El Famosisimo sat down with it when he got home the other day and asked my how the heck you were supposed to make all the pieces fit; he thought it was a puzzle but got more interested when I said it was a creative thingy to make whatever shapes you want! Perhaps the square wooden tray gives the wrong impression!

Then in the midst of all this primary colour work we found this cool little retro tray in our favourite shop. I’m hoping it will stop the Hama beads rolling off the table when they are selecting lots of the same colour from the big tin.


2 Comments to “Patterns”

  1. What a great find. And one with lots of possibilities for play. In my house the pieces would be scattered behind the sofa, under the table etc in no time. x

  2. We’ve lost one piece today but it will be here somewhere….

    I found it from Yellow Moon and they are on sale at the moment at only £4.49 – perhaps children aren’t interested in this kind of thing any more?

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