Cakes and more cakes

These are some of the six dozen fairy cakes I’ve made today and managed to prevent The Family eating.

And here are some badges I’ve been making this week.

We are having a extravaganza thingy on Saturday in the Market Square along with other members of the Chamber of Commerce who provide services rather than selling stuff so we had to thin k of things to tempt people.

We have the cakes, fifty or so badges, a couple of hundred bio-degradable cornstarch pens (with instructions not to suck them too much!) blurb about what we do and fifty coloured envelopes holding a variety of cards. The girls filled the envelopes so we have no idea what card is in which colour but ten of the envelopes have a golden ticket in them entitling whoever gives us the card back, to ask us to sell their house – and not pay us a penny. We are mad.

Don’t the envelopes look gorgeous all stacked like this? Sometimes I am grateful that Mr G has a stationery fetish.

The stockbrokers who are in the offices below our 2nd floor office are having a ‘Guess the Weight of the Dog’ competition with the prize being a very large tin of chocolates. The boss has a labrador who comes to work with her every day and who everyone loves until she farts!

The solicitors weren’t planning on giving anything away until Mr G mentioned my cake baking skills. Apparently they are busy mixing a home made lemonade brew as I type!

It will be interesting to see what the other members have thought of to encourage people to do business with them instead of always heading for the big smoke. Our town is about to undergo a massive change and no on really knows how it will pan out in the future. Half the townsfolk talk the place down and the other half keep shopping locally and look on the bright side. I am one of the latter but I must confess that my horizons have shrunk considerably since we moved here ten years ago. I can go for weeks without leaving yokeldom and at least a week without needing to get in my car at all.

Today I did get in my car to buy a tray of eggs from a farm 4 miles away but buying a tray of eggs for a fiver was a no-brainer considering the number I have cracked into a bowl this afternoon.

Now we are hoping for a dry but not too hot day, with nothing more than a light breeze to threaten the gazebo. A bit of English summer will be just fine!

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4 Comments to “Cakes and more cakes”

  1. Wow, an outbreak of business creativity in the Market Place. When is the next one? I’d love to come over to Abingdon (and pay for the carpark, how annoying) and have some fun.

    Didcot was having a Gospel music session in our very own amphitheatre earlier. Just outside Sainsburys. So there! And the fair is on behind the Wave.

  2. mmm this is what the Abingdonians witter on about. Didcot is better, everyone goes to Didcot now, lets just shut Abingdon down cos it hasn’t got a plaza or a cinema!!!!!

    You can park for free after 4pm 😉 and you’ll be able to park for a huge 2 hours for free some time soon…..

    We do have miles of riverside, a pitch and putt, a crazy golf, a kids water feature (aka sprinklers), Radley Lakes, a world class Leisure and Tennis Centre er…need I go on?!

    All the cakes were eaten and we will be selling a few houses for free. We spoke to hundreds of people who now know about our business and I even met a Spanish farmer from Santiago de Compostela who was visiting his three daughters in Oxfordshire. All in all, a very busy day.

  3. sounds fab. Glad it was a success.

    I really like Abingdon. Noteably the place where I found I’d carried my cordless home phone on the bonnet all the way from Oxford at 50mph (and it was still there, intact). And Abingdon has the best (probably the only) wool shop for miles.

    I did get a parking ticket in the Waitrose carpark once (Abingdon you’re forgiven, Waitrose you are not).

    • Oh yes! I totally forgot the wonderful array of fabric and yarn that is available here. For those who don’t know, there are no less than THREE shops called Masons who sell yarn and dressmaking fabric, upholstery fabric, notions of all descriptions, scrap booking stuff, tapestry and needlework stuff, beads, printing stuff and sticker stuff and more. It is totally worth making the journey just for those shops.

      I once drove from Abingdon to Oxford via hilly Kennington and only discovered my house keys on the roof of my Austin Maestro when I got out of the car in Oxford. I was so mortified that it took me ten years to confess this great carelessness to the very security conscious Mr G, who laughed his pants off and blessed the rubbery bits on the Maestro’s roof.

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