This should be so easy!

I have had the Sorbetto in my pattern folder for a while and finally printed and stuck it together last night. It looked like a simple top to sew and Sigrid’s looks great as does Scruffy Badger’s I had enough of the stripe left fro Miss Amoo’s top to sew it from so I got down to altering the pattern. I did consider cutting it just below the bustline and making it empire-ish so that I could line the top half and avoid binding the neck and armholes but then I’d have had a possibly pregnant-ish look with a pleat in the lower part. After dithering about this for a while I decided to sew it as is and just adjust it for my AAA self. I removed the dart à la Hungry Zombie which reduces the width and length of the front by the amount that would have been taken up by the dart. This worked like a dream on my traced pattern and it all looked good when I measured it up. It is a loose-ish fit anyway so what’s the worst that could happen?

I cut bias tape and sewed the binding using my lovely bias tape foot with just one shoulder seam sewn, then did the armscyes s in the flat then sewed up the side seams. I trimmed off the scant 1/4 s/a on the edges to be bound as the binding foot removed the need for applying tape in two stages. I really should have sewn the side seams first and checked the fit before I bound everything though as it doesn’t fit well and I kind of don’t like it 😦

I have some pooling at the lower back (swayback or too wide back?) and gaping at the front armscye. I think I could have cut a size or two smaller because a shorter armscye might help, or I could have narrowed the dart and rotated it up instead of removing it altogether or do that and remove the length and width from the front as I did as well as take some from the back width. I need a dizzy smilie here)

On doing a bit of googling I have found that some other sewists have had fitting woes with the Sorbetto too so I am not alone. After taking so long to do something that should have been quick, I now can’t be bothered to cut another one and try again as I remember now why I haven’t sewn many woven tops for myself! Fixing fitting issues on skirts and trousers is so much easier!

Oh and Mr G says this is definitely not my colour as it makes me look ill so it’s destined to be a quick skirt for Miss Froo.


On further reflection, I think need more details on tops if they are going to look ok. I need a busy pattern, pockets, pleats gathers or other things to add interest as there are no curves to add interest! I could try making this top into a made by Rae Spring Ruffle top: I made one of those and it looks fine which makes me think that straps and pleats and patterns might be the way to go!


3 Comments to “This should be so easy!”

  1. I remember standing still with my arms down by my sides or up in the air so my grandmother could do alterations before finishing things for me. She would mutter to herself as she worked out how to make it all sit correctly on my shoulders.

  2. hmmm…

    If it was me I’d wack a beaded/coloured belt or tie round the waist part, maybe slap some wacky buttons down the front then wear it with a short skirt, stripey tights and an oversize pair of DMs.

    But I’m not known for my fashion sense.

    p.s. personally I think the Spring ruffle top looks scary. Very.

  3. Hello Rachel – thank you for the compliment on my Sorbetto & I’m sorry yours is not as you want it – however, it’s worth persevering with I reckon- you are not that far off. My top is actually a tad too small if I am honest & I did have to enlarge the armscyes – but I do want to make more (& I don’t even have one of those amazing bias feet!).

    By the way, also wanted to say how I loved your camping post … we’ll be going this weekend, having not been last year & I’m looking forward to outdoor living. Good tip on the solar lights 🙂

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