Wet washing

My washing got wet today and I’m leaving it out to see if it dries overnight. Noisy work on the extension at the house behind ours started today so I’m taking pictures of the trees until the gap is filled and we can’t see them any more. There’s a lot of noisy activity in the neighbourhood at the moment and on top of the heat and a busy BlueDoor weekend it’s been a bit much.

It’s not all bad…last night Mr G and I walked into town for a drink and it was lovely to be out in the cool, quiet, air after the heat of the day. We have discovered a liking for Rekorderlig pear cider and our nicest local is happy to sell one pint bottle with two tall glasses so we treat ourselves about once a week, picking a day that El Famosisimo is at home and we have had a day that needs to be escaped from.

I’ve managed to do a bit of sewing too which is a minor miracle. Miss Amoo has been wanting some more clothes but didn’t know what she wanted. We had no joy in our usual favourite shop (AFCiC) so went next door but few to the fabric shop. She settled on Simplicity 2437 and we found a lovely light stripe in colours that are not too ‘girly’ on sale at only £1.25 a metre. After buying a new pattern and new fabric and new thread I lost my mind and forgot that I had no elastic – doh. Never mind.

I lay it out randomly and strangely managed to mis-match up the pattern without meaning to at all. Again, never mind. The front crossover is a shorter pattern piece than the back which means that if you match up the armscye the shoulder seam doesn’t meet or if you pin the shoulders the armscyes don’t work. I thought it was me tracing it whilst watching Sherlock (again) but I checked it again and then thought there is probably a reason for rolling the shoulder seam forward. Any ideas on this anyone?

This pattern is sized for (3-4-5-6) or (7-8-10-12-14) so I got the larger one so I might be able to sew one for myself at some point or just keep sewing them for her til she leaves home. She nagged me to finish it and has worn it straight away. She even managed not to drip chilli con carne or a choc ice on it which required a lot of concentration. I just need to concentrate and remember to buy some elastic so it looks a bit less boxy.


2 Comments to “Wet washing”

  1. That is such sweet summery fabric and nice design ( for a sweet girl no doubt ). I’m guessing the back is bigger than the front because we rarely stand up totally straight and as our arms move forward it pulls the shirt back toward the front. I agree it often makes it very difficult to match patterns at the shoulders.

  2. The shirt looks very sweet and just right for summer. Looks like she can layer it up in winter too. I have some rain-soaked wet washing out in the rain right now. No sign of any sun coming to dry it for me.x

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