How to sew an easy fleece poncho

I know, I know, it’s summertime not wintertime but the evenings are cooler aren’t they?

Before we went camping I had in mind that ponchos would be useful instead of coats and I kept meaning to sew some then kept getting distracted. I ended up sewing two ponchos on the morning that we set off and it didn’t take long once I’d sussed the measurements. I used bits of a long piece of 25″ wide remnant I have from cutting Winter Sling Things which I wanted to use up without having much waste so I thought I’d try a two-rectangle poncho like the ones that knitters make.

Miss Amoo’s poncho was sewn from two rectangles measuring 30″ x 20″ and 30″ x 25″. I tried same size rectangles but the neck hole was huge. Making one narrower than the other solves this problem for some reason I have yet to quantify mathematically!

Cut the fleece rectangles and lie them out on the floor like this to make an L, with the wider piece being the at the top.

Stitch them together where shown on the picture to make a solid L.

Then take the top of the L and fold it over on itself right down to the bottom

Next take the right edge of the L and fold it over on itself to meet the edge of the bit you just folded down. You should have something that looks like a square with a corner cut out of it.

Turn it right side out and see if the hole fits over your small person’s head. If it doesn’t, you can cut the edges of the neck hole so that they are a bit curved, not straight and that will enlarge the hole a bit.

Here is a sleepy dolly modelling her new poncho

Cut slits in the front to enable the handling of mugs of hot chocolate or the eating of sweets, as required. Dolly will not be doing anything but sleeping so she can do without slits.

If you try this for a different size, let me know what dimensions you cut and I’ll add them here for future reference.


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