Do they do Cartwheels and Handstands at School?

Miss Amoo reading because she wants to.

Can you believe that the school at the top of our road has banned the summer-happiness-inducing thing that is cartwheeling on grass? I didn’t believe it either but it is true. The Headmaster says it is so. Now, quite obviously, school has a lot to offer a lot of people and I don’t diss it on a regular basis but this is just perplexing.

There must be at least 50 reasons to support cartwheeling and handstands and most of them are so obvious that I shan’t bother to list them here. I fear that many fall into the category of discrimination though and that bothers me.

Much as I love sitting down and talking (and heaven knows I do an awful lot of it) I don’t want to happen upon a playing field at lunch time and see neat rows of little girls doing just that when they could be enjoying the exhilaration that temporary upside-downness brings.

It makes me want to cartwheel right now but I haven’t got room indoors… I’ll do it in the front garden when I get up tomorrow.

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2 Comments to “Do they do Cartwheels and Handstands at School?”

  1. Bloomin’ ridiculous (even though I was so crap at cartwheels when I was a kid I would have loved them to be banned back then – lol).

    Are they worried they might – shock horror – show their knickers? Gees!

  2. Temporary upside-downness. That could just be what I need to get myself out of my current grump. I’m gonna try it in the front garden tomorrow too. We could start a movement! Actually it might just start a movement of sorts…. Ah well – all good.

    I had friends at a convent school who weren’t allowed to wear patent leather shoes as they may have reflected their knickers! Double gees!

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