Quick shopping

We have had a wild and windy day. We set off to meet some friendly folks at the water feature at the park in sort of sunshine but prepared for any eventuality and experienced them all. Swimsuits in the water park, then towels and dressing gowns and cardigans then raincoats, ponchos and brollies then back to t-shirts. Thank goodness for the trolley and her capaciousness.

After leaving them we had time to kill before recorder class so we popped to our favourite shop. Our previous finds have been nice crockery or glasses and kids books and clothes for under £5 in total but today look what I found for me:

A summer wrap dress in crisp printed cotton, size Large (not really) with a full skirt and a perfect fit for only £4.50. I tried it on and the girls said “Er mum you don’t look like you!” The cheek! I’ll have you know that there was a time when I wore nice clothes and dressed a bit glam. It was aeons ago but still.

Look at these topstitched sleeves

and the collar

On reflection I think I might take off the lapels. They are stitched on, not stitched in so should be easy to remove. I am only 5’0″ tall and don’t have big hair so they kind of unbalance the thing. I’ve just tucked them in here, what do you think?

Best of all there is a pocket in the right side seam. How cool is that?

I also picked up a red vintage skirt with patch pockets and a slightly faded orange cotton drill table cloth with an Ikea tag. With two books and a plush Numberjacks Number 4, I had to go down the road to the bank to get a £10 note to pay for it all!

The tablecloth will be trousers for Miss Amoo by the end of the week and possibly a little paddling skirt for Miss Froo and the colour makes it ideal for the bag I’ve been meaning to sew for the air pump.


4 Comments to “Quick shopping”

  1. I definitely think you need a hat to go with that dress!

    It is gorgeous…wouldn’t suit me but I can imagine looking fab on you

  2. I think lapels in …. (or off) but then again…. ooh. Love that material. Also love finding there’s someone out there shorter than me! Didn’t think it possible! I find all clothes shopping is a huge pain in the ‘arris as to get the girth I need I end up with that hand-me-down length problem. Clothes-makers always seem to think that if you’re short you must also be as wide as a pipe-cleaner. Went shopping last week and swore to never let food pass my lips for the rest of my days. Hate shopping. Over it now and devouring mint and vanilla flavoured sugar ‘lip rub’ thing. Just wish I was clever enough to sew stuff properly – given up buying trousers completely except jeans that I can cut off without caring about hemming.

    • I am one of the shortest people I know….and I i too own jeans with ‘frayed’ hems.

      I started sewing for myself after too many frustrating shopping trips trying to find something that fit over my hips, wasn’t too long and didn’t need anything more than my 34AAA bust, hence my joy at finding something on a rail that fits!

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