Aaargh! It is all messy again. Never mind.

Yesterday was out all afternoon working and then the rest of the day got away with me. The sun set and left the sky to the north and east glowing strangely in a kind of heavy way that made me go outside to have a look at it.

Then I faffed about a bit until I remembered that on Tuesday I had suggested to my mum that I sew my sister an apron for her birthday instead of mum going out to buy one. My sister’s birthday is on Friday and the thing would need posting so at 11pm I got an old (gifted) duvet cover out and started cutting. This duvet was sewn from two panels of fabric which are heavy-ish weight cotton so I think it was an upcycle some time ago too.

An hour later and the apron was all cut and lined, ironed and sewn, and the whole thing had come together without a hitch.

A weary Mr G modelled it for me accompanied by the detritus of a mere 4 days of untidiness.

Here it is just before I packed it up so that you can see that it is lined and has self-fabric ties, instead of the twill tape as I had first considered as an option.

I hope she likes it and even if she doesn’t it will keep her clothes clean while she prepares bread to bake in the tins she asked our mum to get for her birthday.

(dark pics are a result of lack of daylight at midnight…)


4 Comments to “Messy”

  1. Love that material! An apron was the last successful thing I made – for a small person – with a patent pending (like yeah…) criss-cross (is that kriss-kross?) of wide elastic instead of a neck loop and waist ties – and it worked!!! ie the right ‘neck’ end attached to the left ‘waist’ end and vice versa and small person could wriggle into it (and out of it) without having big person tying them in with extra looping stuff to keep the bib part high enough and no tantrums when they suddenly wanted to ditch it before big person comes along with big scissors to release them. Fab. Meant to make four but …….. Still – proud I managed one.

    • Oooh that is a good idea for small people. My sister’s going to be 35 and I think she can probably do the ties up ok now!

  2. Ahhhh…hmm..
    (Wistfully looks at pile of material under conservatory table)

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