Yesterday I took another load of stuff to the dump, put one large and two small bags of stuff in the boot to take to the charity shop on Tuesday. Winter coats that have still be hanging up are now in the Suitcase in the shed which holds all our out of season clothes. The bedroom floor is clear of stuff and I have given up and put some bits of fabric in another bag which needs to be recycled. I can’t really keep hanging on to every bit of cloth I find in the hope that one day I will transform it into something else because we just don’t have space. I may yet add some more to that bag this week.

I did get a lot of sewing done too: some new origami purses. I’m hoping to sell these through a local shop that sells recycled and upcycled stuff as well as offering crafty classes for kids and adults. Two are cut from old curtains, one is from a bit of fabric I found in a charity shop and the other is a pillowcase. I bet you can tell which is which!

This one is really cute

I cut and sewed the trousers all bar the waistband facing and the zip and they are a bit snug. Oops. The fabric I used last time had a bit of stretch in it but this woven doesn’t. Mr G got home with the girls just as I was sewing the curved waistband on and although I carried Miss Froo out of the car and into bed I wasn’t very interested in the tales of the weekend as I was a bit fixated on how I was going to add a bit of room to these trousers. Fortunately the pattern has 5/8″ seam allowances so I have added a bit to the hips and waist at the side and a bit through the crotch too and will finish them even if I end up having to lose a few pounds to get in them! The pieces go together beautifully and I love the shape so I might just go an get something a bit stretchy and make another pair.

Now my to do list is this:

A bag for the pump – still not done

Add polo shirt lower half to the blue skirt yoke with the pockets in a wrap that wraps at the back for Miss Amoo.

Take in the side seams and possibly add back darts to a shirt for El Famosisimo. I bought the shirt for Mr G in Tesco in a sale some years ago but when I got home I realised that the security tag was still in the shoulder yoke. I’d binned the receipt somehow so didn’t fancy taking it back to ask them to take it off. I found the shirt in my clearing out yesterday and had J google how to get the thing off. We couldn’t find a strong enough magnet so following the other popular advice to break the thing open, we got a big hammer out. That worked well and EF is now in line for a new shirt as Mr G doesn’t really suit dark coloured shirts anyway.

Finish my trousers

Sew a muslin for the 60s dress I want to sew up now that I have found an old duvet cover that I don’t want to refashion.

Post some patterns here to see if anyone wants them

List my old machine cabinet on ebay.

Ah, not much to do and I haven’t counted cooking or washing or all the rest of it!


One Comment to “Progress”

  1. Wow! you are all action, girl!
    Feeling the need for a declutter here, too…

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